Volume & Issue: Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024 (In Loving Memory of Late Professor Doctor ””Mohamed Refaat Hussein Mahran””) 
The Role of Plasma Technology in surface modification of textiles

Pages 1-12


Heba Ghazal; Lobna N Allam; Lamiaa S Abdelaal; Zahra Sh Beltagy; Merehan N Elshamy; Amany G Maraae

Neuroprotective Effect of Cardamom Essential Oil Encapsulated Nanoparticles and Swimming in Aluminum Induced Alzheimer’s disease in Rats

Pages 37-52


Magdi N. Ashour; Tahany R. Elias; Wafaa I Rasheed; Safinaz E El-Toukhya; Eman R Youness; Amany A Sleem; Manal mohamed Ramadan; Khaled Fahmy Mahmoud; Noha N. Yassen; Mahmoud A Abdel-Monem; Omnia Aly

Functional smart fabrics based on synthesized sub-phthalocyanine

Pages 79-85


Shimaa S.M. Elhadad; Hamada Mashaly; Ahmed E. Abdelhamid; Ahmed A. El-Sayed

An overview on chemical, pharmacological and botanical aspects of Tribulus pentandrus Forssk.

Pages 199-205


Amal A. Draz; Mai M. Farid; Eman M. Shamso; Hasnaa A. Hosni; Salwa A. Kawashty; Sameh R. Hussein

Hexavalent Chromium Adsorption by Watermelon Peels From Tannery Wastewater

Pages 241-250


Dalia S. El-Tawabty; Ibrahim M. Abd El-Aleem; Shreen S. Ahmed; Abdallah E. El-Hadary; Radwan Mohamed Ali

Optimizing Operating Conditions for Maximum Biodiesel Production from Salmon Fish Oil

Pages 307-312


R. M. Mohamed; Hassan M. M. Mustafa; Walaa Mahmoud Shehata; Ahmed A. Afify; Gamal K. Hassan; Abeer M. Shoaib

Developing Biodegradable Polymeric Composite for Nails Manufacturing of Bone Fracture Fixation

Pages 349-359


Ahmed Mohamed Yousry; Hassan M. M. Mustafa; Wael Abdelmoez; Mohamed Tarek El-Wakad; Mohamed S. Abdo

The Effect of Temperature, Time, and Methanol Concentration on Enhancing the Yield of Biodiesel Production of Castor and Rapeseed Seeds via the Transesterification Process

Pages 371-377


Hassan M. M. Mustafa; M. Yasser Abdelsadak; Zeyad .A. Gouda; M Magdy Mokhtar; Ahmed Mostafa M.; Mohamed A. Ghareb; Adham Hossam E.; Omar Mohamed S.; R. M. Mohamed; Sherihan El-Hadidy

Egyptian “Ful Medames” Mitigates Metabolic Syndrome-Associated Inflammation through Regulation of Resistin, Leptin and Adipokine mRNA Expression in Wistar Rats

Pages 403-420


Maha Hanafy Mahmoud; Mona Mohamed Taha; Marwa Farahat Mohamed Abd El-Rahman; Kawkab . A Ahmed; Fawzi Amin El-Shobaki; Marwa Hanafy Mahmoud

Preparation of Antimicrobial Efficient Rubber Vulcanizate Compounded with Jojoba Seeds Meal Powder

Pages 421-428


Abdelmohsen Soliman; Doaa Essamey El-Nashar; Aman I Khalaf; Heba S Kandil; Dalia E. El-Nashar; Azza Ward

Phytochemical and Biological Studies of Lataniaverschaffeltiileaves Family (Palmae)

Pages 615-625


Sarah S. Mohamed; Husseiny El – Gendy; Mohamed Zaki; Asmaa I. Owis; Sayed A. El-Toumy