Protective Effect of Pan Bread Fortified with Ginger on Liver and Renal Function of Hepatotoxic and Nephrotoxic Albino Rats

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Home Economics Department, Faculty of Specific Education, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity are global health issues. Herbal therapy, such as ginger, still treats and prevents hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic functioning diseases. Five levels of pan bread supplemented with ginger (2, 4, 6, 10, and 12%) were sensory evaluated for the overall acceptability. The results showed that the overall acceptability of pan bread containing 2, 4, and 6% ginger was more acceptable than the levels of ginger 10 and 12%. Thirty-five male albino rats weighing (170 ± 10 gm) were used for biochemical study. The rats were distributed into five groups, each containing 7 rats. The first group (- ve) fed on wheat bread with a basal diet. The second group was fed on wheat pan bread with a basal diet until they received the dose of CCL4 and kept as a control group (+ve). Group 3, 4, and 5: fed on pan wheat bread supplemented with (2%, 4%, and 6% ginger, respectively). After 4 weeks, the control group 2 (+ve) and groups (3, 4, and 5) were subcutaneously injected (twice a week) with a dose of 4ml CCL4 in olive oil (50% v/v) /kg of body weight for another two weeks to induce chronic damage in the liver and kidney. The results of biochemical analysis of pan bread supplemented with ginger 6% treatment indicated an improvement of lipid profile, thyroid gland, antioxidant enzymes, kidney and liver functions in serum. Our biochemical studies corroborated the histology of liver and kidney tissues. The study suggests incorporating ginger into our daily diet as a functional food supplement for bread products.


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Volume 67, Issue 13 - Serial Number 13
In Loving Memory of Late Professor Doctor ””Mohamed Refaat Hussein Mahran””
December 2024
Pages 361-369
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