Azo dyes: Synthesis, Classification and Utilisation in Textile Industry

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1 Textile Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Benha University, Cairo, Egypt

2 Benha University, Faculty of Applied Arts, Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Department, Benha, Egypt

3 Benha, Egypt

4 National Research Centre (NRC), Textile Research and Technology Institute (TRTI), Pre-treatment and Finishing of Cellulose-based Textiles Department (PFCTD), El-Behouth St. (former El-Tahrir str.), Dokki, P.O. 12622, Giza, Egypt


In this work we have presented a review about azo dyes which the most important synthetic colorants which have been widely used in textile, Azo dyes are organic compounds, which contain the coloring azo function (N=N)and are used in the production of colored materials. Azo compounds have vivid colors and comprise about two-thirds of all synthetic dyes .azo dyes, such as monoazo, diazo, and triazo dyes, are defined by the presence of one or more azo groups (-N=N-) connected to the –OH or –NH2 type auxochrome groups. Then we pointed out synthesis of azo dyes using the traditional method(diazotization/coupling reaction) and preparing a new azo dye using natural polyphenols found in plants, which are used as coupling agents . Finally, we indicate Dyeing process of cotton fabric with azoic dyes as using in textile industry.


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Volume 67, Issue 13 - Serial Number 13
In Loving Memory of Late Professor Doctor ””Mohamed Refaat Hussein Mahran””
December 2024
Pages 87-97
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