Volume & Issue: Volume 67, Issue 3, March 2024 
Evaluation of Inulin as a fat replacer in meat burger

Pages 13-23


moheiy E kamel; Gamal F. Mohamed; Hatem S. Ali; Gamal H Ragab; Ahmed A. Zaky

Preparation and Characterization of Biodegradable Pectin/Polyvinyl Alcohol Composite Membranes

Pages 71-78


Attia Yaseen; Mohamed El Sayed Hassan; Ayman A Mahammad; fathy mehaya; Abdel-Hafeez Shouk; Heba Mostafa Amer

A recent technique for the detection of Bacillus cereus in milk

Pages 215-225


Ahmed Mohammed Elgushi; Hamdi Abdelsamei Mohammed; Hend Ahmed Elbarbary; Dalia Mohammed Elmasry; Dalia Mostafa El-Husseini

Preparation of amide oxime type surfactants and the chelation of copper and nickel cations

Pages 245-255


Mohamed Ezat Wasel; Mohamed G Abd Elwahed; abdallah Abdelmonem Elsawy; Wagdy Ibrahim Eldougdoug; Mohamed Saeed El-Attar

Gero-protective Impact of Astaxanthin on Experimental Model of Brain Aging: Biochemical and Molecular Study

Pages 297-307


Hanadi M. Baeissa; Aminah A. Barqawi; Manal A. Tashkandi; Leena S. Alqahtani; Reem Al-azragi; Neveen A. Salem; Rasha H. Hussein

Sustainable usage of microwave energy to produce TiO2 nanoparticles

Pages 527-536


Martina Megaly; K. Haggag; A.M. El-Naggar; H.M. Abd El Fatah; A.I. Hashem; N.S. Elshemy

Towards a new method for assessment of fabric drapeability through a virtual flared skirt

Pages 537-545


basma Ashmawi; Giulia Fontana; Rania El-Newashy; Roberta Peila; Hosam El-Din Zakaria El-Sayed