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Egyptian Journal of Chemistry

The Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, a multidisciplinary chemistry journal, is a peer-reviewed international journal, a free access journal and edited by the Egyptian Chemical Society and published monthly by NIDOC. The journal is indexed in Scopus and Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). Manuscripts that truly define the aims of the journal include, the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, applied and materials chemistry as well as all other branches of chemistry and its sub-disciplines like pharmaceutical, textile, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry, food chemistry, petroleum chemistry, and agricultural chemistry, material science etc. 

Current Issue: Volume 67, Issue 4, April 2024 

Modification of Xanthan Gum with Styrene and Investigation of its Rheological Properties

Pages 1-6


P.T. Kusherova; El-Sayed Negim; Khaldun M. Al Azzam; Zh. S. Mukatayeva; A.K. Baidullayeva; Moshera Samy

Physical Characterization of Indonesian Eri Silk Fiber Derived from Novel Strains of Samia cynthia ricini

Pages 55-63


Marlin Putri Maldia; Noviyan Darmawan; Yuni Cahya Endrawati; Irma Herawati Suparto; Firda Aulya Syamani; Ronny Rachman Noor

Unveiling the morphological features of PVC/PE polymer blends: insights into improved performance

Pages 87-92


Elshod Olmosovich Khakberdiev; Samira Maou; Qodirbek Nuridin ugli Berdinazarov; Jaxongir Kuchimovich Ibragimov; Nigmat Rustamovich Ashurov

Corrosion inhibition of XC48 steel by Grewia bicolor jus leaves extract in 1M HCL acid medium: electrochemical and gravimetric study

Pages 181-191


Mohamed OULD SIDINE; Hana Lahbib; Mohamedou Ba; Ahmedou Mohamed Vadel Salihi; Mohamed BENMESSAOUD; Yaser Ben Amor; Brahim Ould Elemine Ould Belle

Study, Docking, In Silico ADME and Bio-Evaluation of Novel Hetero-Aromatic Amino Acid Derivatives as Potential Anti-Epileptic Agents

Pages 193-206


Faez F Alshehri; Zafer S Alshehri; sharif Alhjlah; nagwan M Salama; Zahra M Alamshany; Mohammed F Arshad; Ahmed F Elkirdasye; Allam A. Hassan