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Egyptian Journal of Chemistry

The Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, a multidisciplinary chemistry journal, is a peer-reviewed international journal, a free access journal and edited by the Egyptian Chemical Society and published monthly by NIDOC. The journal is indexed in Scopus and Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). Manuscripts that truly define the aims of the journal include, the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, applied and materials chemistry as well as all other branches of chemistry and its sub-disciplines like pharmaceutical, textile, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry, food chemistry, petroleum chemistry, and agricultural chemistry, material science etc. 

Current Issue: Volume 65, Issue 9, September 2022 

1. Zinc oxide nanoparticles characterization and therapeutic evaluation on high fat / sucrose diet induced-obesity

Pages 1-3


ahmed M. A. elseidy; Samir A Bashandy; Fatma A. A. Ibrahim; Sahar S. Abd El-Rahman; Omar Farid; Sherif Moussa; Marwan A. El-Baset

3. Effect of Carob, Doum, and Cinnamon Powder on Blood Lipid Profile in Diabetic Rats

Pages 4-6


Wafaa Ahmed Hussein; Amany Abd-Elfattah Salem; Hany Hany Aziz Fahmy Aziz Fahmy; Samar Mohamed Mouneir; Amira Shawky; Mohamed S. Abbas

5. DFT for SnO2 Doped nanomaterial for Solar Fuel Application

Pages 1-3


Maryam Elmahgary; Fatma Zakaria; Mohamed Amin; Mohamed Ahmed

6. Synthesis and In-vitro Biological Analyses of New quinazolin-2,4-dione Derivatives

Pages 1-2


Huda Rashdan; Aboubakr Ahmed; Hend Okasha; tarek yousef; mortaga krisha

10. Assessment of Ambient Air Quality Level at 21 sites in cement sector, Egypt.

Pages 1-2


Omar Ibrahim Elawa; Nasser abdellatif; Tarek mohamed Galal; Emad Ahmed Farahat

13. Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein As A Serological Biomarker for the Assessment of Liver Fibrosis Before and After Treatment of HCV Infection

Pages 1-2


Abdallah A. Ragab; Sanaa O. Abdallah; Gamal Shiha; Hisham Ismail; Mohamed S. Albnnan; Mohamed Aly El-Desouky

14. Estimation of static Oxidation Reduction Potential in couples undergoing ICSI procedure.

Pages 1-2


Gaber O. Moustafa; medhat amer; Botros Rizk; Shereen Farouk Mohammad Mousa Sharaf; Ayman Hassan; Ahmad Mousa

17. Physiochemical and Sensory Quality Assessment of Frozen Surimi Produced from some underutilized Fish Species

Pages 1-3


Mohamed Abou-Taleb; Abdelrahman S. Talab; Mohamed A. Ibrahim; Maha E. Genina; Mostafa M. Mahmoud; Shimaa M. Abou Taleb; Fify Anees

19. Cobalt (II), Nickel (II) and Copper (II) complexes of Tetradentate Schiff bases ligands derived from 4-Nitro-O-phenylenediamine: Synthesis, Characterization, cyclic voltammetry and biological studies

Pages 1-3


Peter T. Ndifon; Maurice Kuate; Evans Ngandung Mainsah; Awawou Gbambi Paboudam; Conde Asseng Mariam; Chancellin Nkepdep Peucheu; Tonle Kenfack Ignas

20. Pathological Screening and SDS_PAGE Analysis of total Protein of Chilli Pepper Cultivars to Meloidogyne incognita

Pages 1-4


Ragaa Hamouda; Mostafa El-Ansary; Walid Hegazy; Kamal AbdElatif; Adel Hegazy; Mohamed Abd All

34. New Trends in Anodizing and Electrolytic Coloring of Metals

Pages 3-3


Omnia El-Said Shehata; Amal M. Abdel-karim; Amr Hassan Abdel Fatah

38. Stearoyl Glucopyranosides: Selective Synthesis, PASS Analysis, In Vitro Antimicrobial, and SAR Study

Pages 1-6


Abul Fazal Muhammad Sanaullah; Md. Mosharef Hossain Bhuiyan; Mohammed Mahbubul Matin

45. Hyaluronic acid /carboxymethyl chitosan embedded gold nanoparticles modulate high fructose diet induced diabetes changes in rats

Pages 1-4


Samah Farouk Diab; carmen M. Sharaby; Hanaa hussien Hamad; Mohamed Mohamed Roushdy; Moustafa Fouda

46. Synthesis of new imidazole derivatives dyes and application in dye sensitized solar cells supported by DFT

Pages 1-6


Saifaldeen Fahim Abdulhussein; Saifaldeen Muwafag Abdalhadi; Haitham Dalol Hanoon

47. Impact of Some Macro and Micro Nutrients on Productivity and Oil Properties of Coratina Olive Trees

Pages 1-5


Elattar H. A.; Saleh M. M. S.; Hassan H. S. A.; Amal R. Tageldeen; Marwa A. Abdelfatah

52. In Vitro Evaluation Of Antioxidant And Cytotoxic Activity Of Isolated Compounds From Pittosporum Eugenioides

Pages 2-3


Manal Mortady Hamed; Lailal Abdel-Ghany Refahy; Azza Abbas Shafei; Eman Gamal Abd El Aziz

55. Application of marine algae separate and in combination with natural zeolite in dye adsorption from wastewater ; A review

Pages 1-2


Ahmed Hamd Gneedy; Asmaa Ragab Dryaz; Mohamed Shabaan Said; Sayed A. Ahmed; Nofal Khamis Soliman; Hamad A AlMohamadi; refat elsayed

66. Mesenchymal stem cells versus intermittent fasting on statin induced myopathy in rats: The possible involvement of autophagy

Pages 3-4


Somaya Saad Oaf; Gehan Abd El-Hamid Elwakeel; Abeer Foad Mostafa; Sabry Awad Gad; Atef Abd Elazim Mansour

67. Association between rs738409 and rs139051 SNPs of the PNPLA3 gene and the presence of NAFLD

Pages 1-3


Halla Mohamed Ragab; fawzy ali attaby; Nabila Abd El Maksoud; Mona A. Amin; Heba Kamal A. Elhakim; Wafaa Abd Elaziz


Pages 1-3


Hamdy Abdel-Gawaad Shaaban; Sherif adel saad; Selim Abdelaziz Soliman; Mahmoud Mostafa refae; Ahmad Mohammad Hassanin; Badr saeid Abdel-Maksoud; hany mohammed fahmy; amr farouk mansour