Volume & Issue: Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024 (In Loving Memory of Late Professor Doctor ””Mohamed Refaat Hussein Mahran””) 
Neuroprotective Effect of Cardamom Essential Oil Encapsulated Nanoparticles and Swimming in Aluminum Induced Alzheimer’s disease in Rats

Pages 37-52


Magdi N. Ashour; Tahany R. Elias; Wafaa I Rasheed; Safinaz E El-Toukhya; Eman R Youness; Amany A Sleem; Manal mohamed Ramadan; Khaled Fahmy Mahmoud; Noha N. Yassen; Mahmoud A Abdel-Monem; Omnia Aly

Optimizing Operating Conditions for Maximum Biodiesel Production from Salmon Fish Oil

Pages 307-312


Rehab Metwally Mohamed; Hassan M. M. Mustafa; Walaa Mahmoud Shehata; Ahmed Abdel-Moneim Afify; Gamal Kamel Hassan; Abeer Mahmoud Shoaib

Developing Biodegradable Polymeric Composite for Nails Manufacturing of Bone Fracture Fixation

Pages 349-359


Ahmed Mohamed Yousry; Hassan M. Mustafa; Wael Abdelmoez; Mohamed Tarek El-Wakad; Mohamed S. Abdo

The Effect of Temperature, Time, and Methanol Concentration on Enhancing the Yield of Biodiesel Production of Castor and Rapeseed Seeds via the Transesterification Process

Pages 371-377


Hassan M. M. Mustafa; Mohamed Yasser Abdelsadak Abdelwahab; Zeyad .A. Gouda; M Magdy Mokhtar; Ahmed Mostafa M; Mohamed A Ghareb; Adham Hossam E; omar Mohamed S; R. M. Mohamed; Sherihan .El-Hadidy

Egyptian “Ful Medames” Mitigates Metabolic Syndrome-Associated Inflammation through Regulation of Resistin, Leptin and Adipokine mRNA Expression in Wistar Rats

Pages 403-420


Maha Hanafy Mahmoud; Mona Mohamed Taha; Marwa Farahat Mohamed Abd El-Rahman; Kawkab . A Ahmed; Fawzi Amin El-Shobaki; Marwa Hanafy Mahmoud