Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 13, December 2023 (Special Issue: Applied Chemistry for Greener Life and Sustainability) 
Phytochemical Study, Antioxidant Potential and Preparation of a Clove Nanoemulsion Loaded with Pomegranate Peel Extract

Pages 21-37


Alia Ahmed Abdel-Hamid Omar; Marwa Farouk Gad; Hemmat Mansour Abdelhafez; Amira Tohamy Ebrahem Mersal; Abdel-Tawab H Mossa

Removal Methods of Pesticides and Their Improvement Using Metal-Organic Frameworks

Pages 39-75


Marwa Nabil; Hassan Abdel-Gawad; Fatma M. Elantabli; Samir M. El-Medani; Reda M. Abdelhameed

Antimicrobial Effects of Some Diazoaminobenzene Derivatives

Pages 137-144


Ahmed S. Abdel-Aty; Mohamed A. Desheesh; Elsayed A. Abdallah; Dina A. Osama; Helmy A. Amer

An In Silico Approach to Identify Lead Molecules among GC-MS Analyzed Compounds of Mimusops Elengi against Glycosyl Transferase of Streptococcus Mutans

Pages 215-223


Hemavathy Ekambaram; Kiragandur Manjunath; K. N. Hemavathi; Avijit Maity; Korthusheril Ajayakumara Akshaya; Nidhi Dwivedi; Sushil Kumar Middha

Green Hydrogen Gas Production Using an Adapted Electrolysis Method

Pages 241-254


Mohamed Mortada Hegazy; Yehia Mohamed Youssef; Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed; Magdy Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim

Optimization of Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction Methods of Gymnanthemum amygdalinum Del for Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities

Pages 379-387


Lintannisa Rahmatia; Candra Irawan; Maman Sukiman; Imalia Dwi Putri; Andita Utami; Riri Enriyani; Aulia Noviyanti; Kheiza Noor Aulia Azhar

Effect Of High Fat Diet Induced Metabolic Syndrome And Treatment With Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 On Biochemical And Immunohistochemical Parameters Related To Neuronal Functions In Adult Male Albino Rats.

Pages 389-400


Asmaa Fathy Yousuf; Shimaa Zakaria Elshora; Mohamed Gaber Abdallah; Noura F. Elmongy; Heba Abdelnaser Aboelsoud; Hala Hamed Mosallam; Ashraf Mohamed Mohamed Algendy; Abd El-Lateef Saeed Abd El-Lateef; Abdou Mohammed El-Sharkawy; Nora Seliem; Rehab Mohamed El shahat; Ahmad Mohammad Farag Alkot

Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Euphorbia milii

Pages 461-473


Amal Z. Hassan; Heba-tollah M. Sweelam; Kamel H. Shaker; Moustafa M. Zohair; Warda E. Ashour; Howaida I. Abd-Alla

In vivo: Biochemical and Biological Studies of Fennel and its Mixture with Green Tea.

Pages 499-506


Yasser A. Selim; Akmal S. Gaballa; Rehab I. Tag; Esraa A. Awaad; Zeinab Eid; Batoul N. A. Mohammed

Application of nano adsorbent of PCMC in water treatment : removal of cationic dyes

Pages 697-709


Randa Ghonim; Moustapha Salem Mansour; Ebrahiem Esmail Ebrahiem; Hadier Ragab Ashour; mohamed shawky

Analysis of Edible Film as Future Packaging using Bibliometric Method

Pages 725-731


Heri Septya Kusuma; Vera Listiawati; Debora Engelien Christa Jaya; Nafisa Illiyanasafa; Risma Atiqotun Nida

Effect of Vacuum UV Irradiation and PVA grafting on thin-film composite RO Membranes

Pages 781-795


Marwa Saied Shalaby; Heba Abdallah Mohamed; Ralph Wilken; schmueser christoph; ahmed shaban; Rania Ramadan Abuel Aila; Gawel Solowski

GFBR3 Promoter Methylation Is A Prognostic Indicator And Not Responding To Decitabine Treatment In Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pages 807-817


mohamed ibrahim abou hendia; Ayman Mohamed Metwally; walaa hozayen; Ahmed Osama El-Gendy; Sabrin Abdel-Wahab; Abdel Hady A Abdel Wahab

Chemistry and Applications of Organopalladium Compounds

Pages 819-848


Marwa El-Hussieny; Nabila M. Ibrahim; Shaimaa T. Mansour; Ewies F. Ewies; Nagwa M. Abdelazeem; Naglaa F. El-Sayed

Facile synthesis of functional heterocycles utilizing activated Benzylideneacetones

Pages 861-867


Hoda Sabry Othman; Khlood AbdEl-Zaher; Marwa Mohamed Fouad; Galal Abd El-Moein Nawwar

Highlights on The AntimutagenecityImpact of E. schimperiana and E. balsamifera with Respect to Their Toxicity

Pages 1141-1153


Ahlam Mahmoud; Doaa S. Foda; Asmaa K. Al-Mokaddem; Entesar El-Sayed Hassan; ayman A. Farghaly; Heba-tollah M. Sweelamd

Design and Heat Setting of 3D-Weft Jacquard Knitted Effect on some properties related to Thermal Insulation

Pages 1247-1258


Enas Hamdy Abd Elmaksoud Rezk; Nafesa Ahmed Ahmed Elwan; Maisa Mahmud Ibrahim Mohammed Elkelany; Amany Moustafa Ibrahim Khalaf

Promising anticancer activity of pomegranate peels extract (PPE) against bacterial pathogens-induced colon cancer in mice model

Pages 1259-1277


Naglaa M. Ammar; Heba A. Hassan; Mohamed Elkady; Maii Abdelnaby Ismail Maamoun; Gamal Eldein Fathy Abd-Ellatef; Ahmed Serag; Amr A. El-Waseif; Olfat Gamil Shaker; Abdel-Hamid Zaki

Hit Identification Against Candida Albicans: Design, Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Biological Evaluation of Hybrid Styryl-Quinoxaline Based Analogues.

Pages 1295-1308


Aliya Mohamed shaker El Newahie; Maiy Y. Jaballah; Mohamed Alaraby; Mohamed elbadawy; Rabah Ahmed Serya; Aliaa mohamed Kamal; Khaled Abouzid

Risk Assessment of Groundwater Pollution by Radionuclides Released from A hypothetical Waste Disposal Site Northeast Sinai – Egypt

Pages 1383-1394


Eman Abdou; sawsan Gamal Abdel Samie; Narmine Salah Mahmoud; Sheif Mohamed El Didy; Mohamed Sabry Ahmed Abdel Mottaleb

Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Corn Flakes by Adding Quinoa Flour

Pages 1395-1406


Badr saed Abdel-Maksoud; Mohammed Abd El-Moniem El-Waseif; amr farouk mansour; mokhtar Mabrouk salama; sameh Mohamed Ghanem; mostafa Mahmoud Kadry

Pomegranate peel nanoemulsion: evaluation of bioactive components and their efficacy to reduce specific pesticide residues

Pages 1433-1448


Gomaa Nour-Eldein Abdel-Rahman; Amr Farouk; Ahmed Noah Badr; Amal Shawky Hathout; Tarek Ahmed Morsy; ِAhmed sayed Morsy Fouzy

Antinociceptive and Analgesic Activities of Asparagus Flagellaris (Kunth) Baker, Tephrosia Uniflora Pers., and Acacia Gerrardii Benth

Pages 1645-1656


Muna Nabag; Bashier Osman; Iman Abdoon; Wadah Osman; Asmaa E. Sherif; Amgad I. M. Khedr; Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim; Gamal Mohamed; Kholoud F. Ghazawi; Shaimaa G. A. Mohamed; Hazem G. A. Hussein; Ahmed Ashour

Human Rotavirus Genome Copies and Infectious Units in Water and Wastewater in Egypt

Pages 1801-1814


Waled Morsy El-Senousy; Mohammed Kamal Rashed Rashed; Marwa A. Kamel; Seham F. Hasan

Phytocidal and molluscicidal activity of some diazoaminobenzene derivatives

Pages 1927-1933


Ahmed S. Abdel-Aty; Mohamed A. Desheesh; Elsayed A. Abdallah; Soad M Ahmed; Dina A. Osama; Emad E. Tawfeek

An efficient ring-opening copolymerization of elemental sulfur with various olefinic compounds to produce thermoplastic polymeric sulfur: Synthesis and Characterization

Pages 1967-1976


Zeinab Abo-Shanab; Amal A. Altalhi; Mohamed Noh; Ahmed abdelsayed farag; Ahmed S Mansour; Mohamed Elshafie; Usama Farid Mahmoud Kandil; Eslam Azmy

Elaboration of fire-retardant materials from rubber and plastic blending

Pages 2073-2080


Abbas A. Yehia; Adel Koriem; Samaa Salem; Mohamed N. Ismail; Doaa E. Elnashar; Aman I. Khalaf

Utilizing Sustainable KOMBUCHA SCOBY Laminated with Knitted and Woven Cellulosic Fabrics for Anti-microbial Headboard

Pages 2101-2117


Alyaa Ezzat Hassan Morgham; Manar Yahia Ismail Abd El-Aziz; Amira Ali El-Fallal; Heba Tolla El Sayed Abo El Naga

Association between CD3 as a Sensitive T Cells Lineage Marker and NAFLD

Pages 2141-2147


Halla Mohamed Ragab; Nabila Abd El Maksoud; Mona A. Amin; Abdelkarim Kamel; May Fawzi; Wafaa Abd Elaziz

Chemical profile, Antimicrobial and Antitumor Activities of the Streptomyces rochei SUN35 Strain

Pages 2211-2218


Noha M Awad; Abdel-Hamied M. Rasmey; Akram A Aboseidah; Mahmoud Abdel Aziz; Abdelsamed I. Elshamy

Wheat Straw Pyrolysis for Biochar Production: Characterization and Application as Soil Conditioner

Pages 2231-2236


Adel S. El-Hassanin; Amira Sh. Soliman; Magdy R. Samak; Ghadir A. El-Chaghaby; Abeer R. Radwan

Biological activities and related phenolic compounds content of olive and plum stones ethanolic extract

Pages 2307-2330


Heba Eid Younis; walaa Abdel-Naser El shalakany; Shimaa Abdel Raouf Amin; Mohammed Ahmed Taha Abdel-Reheem; Hemmat Abdel fattah Ibrahima

Phytochemical screening and toxicity studies for ginger extracts with evaluation of some biochemical parameters and anticoagulant bioactivity

Pages 2389-2406


Marwa M. Zaki; Amir. E. Abo Elhassan; Eman. S. M. El Zahid; M. K. A. Ahmed; Ahmed. M. I. Hejab; Ayman H. Kamel; Tarek R. Amin; Saad S. M. Hassan