Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 5, May 2023 
Synthesis, characterization of chitosan based green Hyperbranched Polymers/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites

Pages 25-34


Amira.M. Qassem; Khalid I. Kabel; Ahmed A. Farag; Mohamed Keshawy; Abdulraheim M.A. Hassan; Eman H. Ismail

Some Edible Fixed Oils for Management of Obesity and Related Disorders Based on Epigenetics and Metabolome Analysis

Pages 73-81


Elham Mohamed Youssef; Nagwa Elsayed Awad; Abdel-Hamid Zaki Amer; Esraa Aly Balabel; Abdelhalim Adel Elgahamy; Noha Said Hussein; Marwa Mohamed Mounier; khaled mahmoud

Unveiling The Anti-Alzheimer, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiviral Therapeutic Functionality Of Polysaccharides Extracted From Opuntia Ficus

Pages 237-244


Soha Ahmed Murad; Dina N. Abd-Elshafy; Doha H Abou Baker; Mahmoud M. Bahgat; Eman Ahmed Ibrahim; Alaa Abdallah Gaafar; Zeinab Salama

Purification, Molecular Characterization, and Anticancer Activities of L- Asparaginase extracted from Staphylococcus aureus

Pages 245-259


Doaa B. Darwish; Salma S. Alrdahe; Yahya S. Al-Awthan; Imadeldin Elfaki; Tarig M. Alnour; Ahmed B. Darwish; Entsar A. Saad; Salem A. Habeb; Magdy M. Youssef

Assessment of Milk Quality at Farm Level using Laser Techniques

Pages 273-278


Zienab Abdel-Salam; Raghda H. El-Saeid; Sherif Abdelghany; Sameh Abdelfatah Abdel-Salam; Mohamed Ali Radwan

Anticancer Potentials of Native and Gamma Irradiated Snake Venom against Human Breast and Colon Cancer Cell Lines: In Vitro Study

Pages 279-292


Maysa M Mohamed; Sanaa O. Abdallah; aly fahmy mohamed; Serag Eldin Ibrahim Elbehairi; Heba M Karam; Mohamed Aly El-Desouky

Optimization of Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment Units Using Aspen HYSYS and MATLAB Integration

Pages 303-314


Araby Ibrahim Mahdy; Abeer Mahmoud Shoaib; Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Ahmed; Khaled Ibrahim Behery; Walaa Osman Saad

Pyrimidine hydrazide ligand and its metal complexes: synthesis, ‎characterization, and antimicrobial activities

Pages 315-329


S. El-Sayed Saeed; Budoor A. Alomari; Ahmed N. Alhakimi; M. M. Abd El-Hady; Jawza Sh Alnawmasi; Hussein H. Elganzory; Wael A. El-Sayed

Preparation of Functional Milk Beverages Fortified with Coconut Extract

Pages 349-356


Fatma Hassan; Ahmed S Hussein; Mona Abd El- Kader Abd El- Gawad; Ali Kamal Enab; Hala Bayoumi; Ahmed Moawad Mabrouk

Chemical Composition and Insecticidal Properties of Lagenaria siceraria (LS) Cultivated in Egyptian Habitats

Pages 357-368


Abd El-Raheem A. A. Aldewy; Ahmed I Hasaballah; Y A Ammar; Abdel Mohsen MM Nezam-El-Dien; Mohamed Shaaban

Non-conventional Approaches towards Various Organic Reactions

Pages 523-540


Hala R. El-Shanawany; Nagwa M. Abdelazeem; Marwa El-Hussieny; Ewies F. Ewies; Naglaa F. El-Sayed