Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 7, July 2023 
Biochemical and Physiological Response of Egyptian Wheat Genotypes to Drought Stress

Pages 1-17


Ahmed H Hanafy; Mai A Allam; Mohamed El-soda; RAMADAN M ESMAIL; Walaa A Ramadan; Mahmoud M Sakr; Radwa Youssef Helmi

Biological Activities of Some Citrus Fruit Peels extracts

Pages 51-61


Emad A. shalaby; Sanaa M. M. Shanab; Rehab M. Hafez; Abeer E. El- Ansary

Synthesis of Protected D-Glucopyranosides as Mucormycosis Inhibitors: DFT, Docking, ADMET, and SAR Studies

Pages 153-164


Priyanka Matin; S. M. Abdul Nayeem; Mohammed Mahbubul Matin; Md. Rezaur Rahman; Suman Das; Dipankar Chakraborty

Synthesis of New Guanidine Benzothiazole Derivative and Its Application as Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor

Pages 187-195


Amal M. Abdel-karim; Rasha A. Azzam; Omnia El-Said Shehata; mohamed A, adly; Omnia A. A. El-Shamy; Gamal A El mahdy

The Effect of Agricultural Crop Residues and Bacteria on the Chemical and Engineering Properties of Eco-Cement Produced

Pages 225-234


Amira Seifelnasr; Essam M. Abdelsalam; Mohamed A Moselhy; Hatem Ibrahim; Abdallah S. Ali; Maryam Faried; Yasser Attia; Mohamed Samer

Properties Of Fermented Permeate Beverages Enriched With Barley, Oat And Black Rice Extract

Pages 319-327


Fatma Samy Abd El-masked; Marwa Hatem El-Gendy; Amr El-Sayed Metwally; Mohammed Abdel-Razek El-Nawawy

In Vitro Propagation and Evaluation of Valtrate and Valereinic Acid in Valerina Officinalis L.

Pages 381-391


Iman El Seody El Sheikh; seham Salah elhawary; Soad Hanna Tadros; Naglaa Mohamed Nazif; Mona Mohamed AbdelMohsen; Hussein S. Taha

Iron-Trimesic Metal Organic Frameworks as Nano-Adsorbents for Tetracycline and Ceftriaxone Contaminated Wastewater Effluents

Pages 439-449


Hossam F. Nassar; Alzahraa Shaban; amal zaher; Taha Abdelmonein; Esaraa Salama; yasser gaber; Nabila Shehata; Reda Abdelhameed; Rehab Mahmoud

Response of Wheat Plants Grown Under Salinity to Nano Fertilizers Application

Pages 465-477


Mohamed Moursy Hussein; Abd El-Karim M. El-Saady; Hassoub A; Mohamad F. El-Dahshouri

Application of Microwave or Magnetic Field Technique in Relation to Pickled Conventional Domiati Cheese Properties

Pages 621-631


Taher Mahrous Ahmed El-Mestekawy; Azza Mahmoud Farahat; Osama Ibrahim El-Batawy; Mohamed Yousef Abo EL-Naga

Improving the Nutritional Value of Biscuits by Adding Wheat Germ and Sugar Beetroot Pulp

Pages 633-644


Hend Mahmoud Mahmoud; Abd alla Saleh Ammar; Youssef Mostafa Riyad; Ahmed Said Hussein; nefisa Abbas hegazy