Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 12, December 2023 
In vitro anticancer and antimicrobial activities of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase purified from Cellana rota snail

Pages 1-10


Mohamed R. Habib; Hassan M. Masoud; Mohamed S. Helmy; Ahmed A. Hamed; Rasha M. Gad El-Karim; Rasha E.M. Ali; Khaled M. Zayed; Mahmoud A. Ibrahim

Study the Effect of Rice Husk Ash on Durability of Cemented Radioactive Waste Block

Pages 11-20


yassmin farid dawood; Mohamed Abdel Geleel; amaal tawfik; Nagwa Abd El-fattah Badawy; amina elsisi

Novel kappa-carrageenan− poly (vinyl alcohol) − modified pumice Hydrogel composite for the adsorption of cationic dye

Pages 21-35


Ammar M. Mahmoud; Ali Ahmad Ali; Malek Alshukur; Mohamed E. Sultan; Hamida Y. Mostafa; E. A. Eldeeb; Ashraf Mahmoud Ashmawy

Comprehensive NMR Reassignments of Lignans Derived from Commiphora myrrha

Pages 45-57


Mohamed H. H Abd El-Razek; Tarik A. Mohamed; Sally Abdel-Halim; Shaymaa M. Bata; Tahia M. Kubacy

Biochemical Studies on Amphiregulin protein in Hepatitis C virus patients

Pages 127-136


Eslam mohamed Ramadan; Gamal Ahmed Abd Elkhalik Badra; Abdel Hamid Abdo Ismaiel; Ibrahim El Tantawy El Sayed; Shimaa Abdelsattar Refat

Operative Effect of Zeolite Catalyst in Biofuel Production

Pages 149-154


Rehab Metwally Mohamed; sharehan El Hadidy; Mohamed Elhemly; Yasser Reda Elghazouly

Persistent changes in the brain of Immature Rats Experiencing febrile seizures

Pages 347-351


Omnia Ashoor Ali; Haitham Sharf Eldein Mohamed; Nasr Mohamed Radwan; REEM H ELGEBALY

Multifunctional textile facades for coastal city buildings

Pages 403-412


Menna Maamoun; Dalia Maamoun; Abeer I. Fathallah; Meram Abdelrahman; Safia Mahmoud; Tawfik A Khattab

Various Printing Techniques of Intelligent Lyocell Fabric to Enhancing its Performance Properties

Pages 413-419


Hanan Othman; Reham Hassan Abd El-Rahman; Aya A. Mokhtar; Salsabeel S. El-Desoky; Ghadeer A. El-Bahrawy; Hager A. Ezat; Samira S. Moawaed; Ahmed G. Hassabo

Silica Aerogels and their Applications in Textile Industry

Pages 431-443


Ahmed G. Hassabo; Sohaila G. Shaker; Neaama Ahed Abd El-Salam; Nourhan Alaa Mohamed; Nehad Zakaria Gouda; Nadeen Khalid; Hanan Othman

Textile Effluent as a Potential Problem for Environmental and Human Health: Causes and Overcome Techniques

Pages 445-453


Eman Abd El-Aziz; Reham Hassan Abd El-Rahman; Aya A. Mokhtar; Salsabeel S. El-Desoky; Ghadeer A. El-Bahrawy; Hager A. Ezat; Ahmed G. Hassabo

Phytochemical Profiling and Isolation of Bioactive Polyphenols From Ipomoea carnea

Pages 529-543


May A Elhefni; Ahmed Ramadan El-Rokh; Helmy H El-Rafey; Louis K Tadros; Mohamed A. Taher