Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 131 - Serial Number 13, December 2022 (Special Issue: Chemistry and Global Challenges (Part A)) 
Synthesis of TFMs-nanocomposites Based on Cs/TiO2-Au NPs by PVDC for Degradation of Ethidium Bromide

Pages 115-125


Amr Abo El-Ella Hussein Gad; Ahmed M. Youssef; Hala E. Ghannam; Abdallah F. Zedan; Gamal El- Ghannam; Hala Moustafa Ahmed; Al-Sayed Al-Sherbini

Assessment of Soil Quality of Serapuim Forest Irrigated with Secondary Treated Wastewater

Pages 161-174


Saber.A. Elbendary; El-Gindy Abdel Ghany M; Hesham Ibrahim Elkassas; Arafa, Y.E; Haitham Shawky

Using of Cement Bypass for Making Solar Absorbers

Pages 237-245


‪khaled Sayed Ragab; Nahed Abdel Hamid El Mahallawy; Gamal Abu El Gheit Khater

Recovery of Aluminum and Vanadium Compounds from Karatau Phosphorites for Application in the Synthesis of Aluminum-Vanadium Containing Carbon Nanoparticles

Pages 403-413


Kh.R. Sadiyeva; A.N. Nurlybayeva; R.B. Zharlikapova; G.A. Seitbekova; G.K. Matniyazova; E.A. Baibazarova; R.M. Kudaibergenova; M.S. Kalmakhanova

Improvement of the Adsorption Efficiency of Rice Husk Ash for Crystal Violet Dye Removal from Aqueous Medium

Pages 427-435


Abbas Khan; Abdul Malik; Muhammad Humayun; Nasrullah Shah; Muhammad Ismail; Mohamed Yahia; Rasha M.K. Mohamed

Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye from Wastewater by using ZnS/TiO2 Nanocomposites Material

Pages 481-488


Nadia Matter Almhana; Shahad Z. Al- Najjar; Zainab Abdulrazak Naser; Zainab T. Al-Sharify; Thiab Hussein Nail

Greywater Treatment for Safe Recycling via Hybrid Constructed Wetlands and sludge Evaluation

Pages 543-555


Hussein Ibrahim Abdel-Shafy; Mohamed El-Khateeb; Hussein Mohamed Ahmed; Mohamed Mahmoud Hefny; Fatehy M. Abdel-Haleem

Synthesis and characterization of novel pigments derived from Lithol Rubine

Pages 661-666


W.M.A. Abdelmaksoud; M.M.M. Aboaly; Said M. Teleb; A.M. El-Din; Mostafa A. Sayed

A Review on Modified Polyethersulfone-based Membranes Prepared by Blending Method for Water Treatment

Pages 677-693


AHMED ABDEL-KARIM; Amer El-Kalliny; Sebastian Leaper; Patricia Gorgojo; Mohamed Badawy; Tarek A. Gad-Allah

Effect of metal ad-atoms on the structural, electrical, and optical properties of boron-nitride nanostructures towards optoelectronics: a DFT based study

Pages 745-752


Qasim Shakir Kadhim; Rabab Saadoon Abdoon; Halla T. Mohammed; Ahmed S. Abbas; Mohammed A. Al-Seady; Gergely Nagy; Hayder M. Abduljalil; Noor Al-Huda Saleh; Mousumi Upadhyay Kahaly

Photoactive TiO2/polyamide 11 (TiO2/PA-11) nanocomposite for degradation of methylene blue dye in wastewater

Pages 753-758


Ahmed Mohamed Eltohamy; Essam Mohamed Abdelsalam; Yasser Mahmoud Ali Mohamed; Hossam El Nazer; Yasser Attia

Synchronized Dyeing and Finishing of Natural Silk Fabrics with Mulberry Leaves Extract

Pages 769-779


karima mohamed haggag; Nancy El- Hawary; Nagla Elshemy; Hamada Mashaly; Hosam El-Din Zakaria El-Sayed

Effect of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract in combination with vitamin C, E and D on Aluminum Chloride induced Alzheimer in rats.

Pages 827-841


Salwa Mahmoud elhallouty; Anan Mohamed Rashad; Esraa Ayman Abd elrhman; Haidy Amr Khaled Elkaramany; Maria Gamal Ibrahim; Nouran Tamer Salem; Reeny Ayman Adeeb; Yehia Walaa Ibrahim; Zeinab Abd Elkhalek El Shahed

Development of Zinc Removal Process from Contaminated Water Using Statistical Approaches

Pages 1099-1110


Rania Hassan; Ahmed Gahlan; Gamal Abdelaziz Gouda; Mohamed Abd-Elnaby Aly-Eldeen; N A Badawy

Nano-Poly Chitosan-Ampicillin Drug: Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxicity

Pages 1313-1318


Khawla Ibrahim Ab; Alyaa H. Abbas; Ahmed S. Abed; Mohammad Nadhum Bahjat AL-Baiati; Emad S abood

Quantitative Determination of Phthalate Esters and Bisphenol-A Residues in Wastewater Treatment Plants Outflow in Saudi Arabia: Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry-Based Analytical Study

Pages 1353-1360


Ezat Mersal; Ahmed A. Morsi; Shaimaa Alakabawy; Riham G Elfawal; Eman M. Sakr; Ahmed M. Abdelmoneim; Ahmed Othman Alsabih; Ahmed Hussein Ahmed; Saad Jamil Alswiahib; Fatimah Hussein Al Salem; Tamer Mohamed Shawky

Chitosan-Mediated NiO with Green Alkali for Hydrogenation of Soybean Oil: A New Compositional Discovery

Pages 1425-1430


JOSHUA LELESI KONNE; Gloria Ihuoma Ndukwe; Marvellous Osaruchi Owhonda; Awajimokotiro Samuel Elijah

Bioengineering of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles As Therapeutics for Immunomodulatory and Antimicrobial Activities

Pages 1473-1486


Gamal Mohamed El-Sherebiny; Amir R. Ali R. Ali; Diaa Mohamed Ali; Ahamed S. El-Hawary; Ahamed A Asker

Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Sheep Whey Protein Hydrolysates and Their Fractions

Pages 1511-1520


Wafaa Salim Nassar; Ekbal Adel Ibrahim; Hend Ahmed Elbarbary; Hamdi A Mohamed; Håvard Jenssen

Effect of Prebiotic Inulin Supplementation on Glucose Metabolism and Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetic Women

Pages 1521-1526


Amr Gamaleldin Egila; Elsayed H Eltamany; Dawoud Fakhry Habib; Nadia Mohamed; Mohamed Fathy Youssef

Newly Created Hybrid Nanomaterial for Treatment of Lung Carcinoma

Pages 1543-1550


Aya Shaaban; Ahmad Salem; Faten Elramly; Ekrami ahmed; fatma Moawed; Marwa Galal Eldeen Hegazy

Physiological and biochemical evaluation of wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum) under salinity stress

Pages 1591-1600


Ahmed Hanafy; Mai Allam; Mohamed Elsoda; Hamdy Morsy; Mona Mohamed Ibrahim; Mahmoud Sakr; Doaa H Ali