Evaluation of Pies Fortified with Aqueous Extract Rich in Phenols of Peanut

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Biochemistry Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt


The present work aims to study the sensory and chemical evaluations of pies after adding the aqueous extract of peanut skin rich in phenols to increase general health as functional products. The pies were manufactured at a pilot-scale formulated by adding peanut skin extract at different concentrations (Zero, 250, and 500 µg/Kg pies flour) and baked and stored for one month at room temperature, protected from light and air. The antioxidant compounds include total phenolic (10.98 µg /g dry pies), and total flavonoids (9.81µg/g dry pies) at 500 µg/Kg. Functional pies (FPs) showed high oxidative stability during storage (30 days) periods (as assessed by antiradical scavenging activity of DPPH˙ and Fe2+- chelating activity compared with that in untreated pies products (control). Data of sensory evaluation revealed that FPs containing peanut skin extract were significantly acceptable as compared with control for main sensory characteristics (color, odor/ aroma, flavor, texture, global appreciation, and overall acceptability). Thus, it could be concluded that functional pies (FPs) had good sensory and nutritional profiles and can be developed as a food market.