Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 2, February 2022 
Synthesis and Studying Antibacterial Activity of New Nitrogen Rich Polymers

Pages 29-33


Walaa Mohammed Najim; Mohammed Zuheir Hassan; Sami E. Al-Slami; Ali Jabbar Radhi

Electrospinning of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes: effect of membrane composition and fabrication conditions

Pages 41-50


Zeyad Zeitoun; Ahmed H. El-Shazly; Shaaban Nosier; Mohamed R. Elmarghany; Mohamed S. Salem; Mahmoud M. Taha

Preparation of Geo-polymer Bricks from Alum Waste

Pages 71-80


Noura Fathy Abdel Salam; sarah tarek ghaly; Magdi Fouad Abadir; Shereen Kamel Amin

Development and Validation of HPLC Method for Quantification of Daclatasvir in Pure and Solid Dosage Form

Pages 81-91


Nida Saeed; Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Afridi; Abida Latif; Hafiz Hanzalah Fahham; Itzaz Aslam; Muhammad Mazhar; Muhammad Shahbaz Khan Afridi

Biosynthesis, Characterization, Radical Scavenging and Antimicrobial Properties of Psidium guajava Linn Coated Silver and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Pages 145-152


Nazish Dildar; Syed Nawazish Ali; Tehmina Sohail; Mehreen Lateef; Salman Tariq Khan; Syeda Farah Bukhari; Perveen Fazil

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Levels In Relation To Depression In Egyptian Diabetic Women: A Pilot Study

Pages 175-179


Moushira Zaki; Hala El-Bassyouni; Mona Abd Elmotaleb A. Hussein; Hend M. Tawfeek; Mina Wassef Girgiss; Magdi Ashour; Eman Youness

Development and Validation of a Dual Column HPLC Method for Determination of Albendazole and Its Metabolites in Rat Plasma

Pages 209-221


SUDDHASATTYA DEY; Sudip Kumar Mandal; Mithun Bhowmick; Manik Ghosh; Pankaj Dagur; Shreya Shah; Biplab Kumar Dey; Ewies F. Ewies

Anti-inflammatory role of Dunaliella salina carotenoid enrich fractions in paw oedema via down-regulation of COX-2/PGE2 pathway

Pages 223-233


Farouk K. El-Baz; Ahmed M. Aboul-Enein; Osama M. Abdel-Fatah; Hanaa H. Abd El-Baky; Ahmed M. Hagag; Sami I. Ali; Abeer Salama

Performance and characteristics of modified PES-based membranes upon exposure to harsh cleaning condition by sodium hypochlorite

Pages 315-325


Ahmed Abdel-Karim; Amer El-Kalliny; Sayed I A Ahmed; Eglal Souaya; Mohamed badawy; Mathias Ulbricht; Tarek A. Gad-Allah

Dyeing of Waste Cotton Fabric as Biosorbent of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution

Pages 377-387


riham H emam; alshimaa hassen gomaa; heba H elrefay; amina Elbyaa; nagwa H badawy

Synthesis and Application of New Silicone Based Water Repellents

Pages 499-507


Hesham Fahmy; hager Okda; Mohamed elrafie; Ahmed Hassabo; mohamed adel youssef

Genetic Mutations and Major Human Disorders: A Review

Pages 571-589


Shaima Rabeea Banoon; Talal S. Salih; Abdolmajid Ghasemian

Microencapsulation Of Omega-3 Rich Flaxseed And Fish Oils

Pages 623-638


Said F. Hamed; Ayat F. Hashim; Hoda Abdel Hay; Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam; Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny

Low-cost corn cob biochar for pesticides removal from water

Pages 639-650


Sherif Alsherbeny; Tarek S. Jamil; Sanaa A.M. El-Sawi; Fawzy I. Eissa