Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 13, December 2022 (Special Issue: Chemistry and Global Challenges) 
Experimental study of the inhibitory effect of ceftriaxone sodium and sodium nitrate on corrosion of carbon steel in various acidic media


Saad A. Jafar; Mohammed I. Fathi; Jasim I. Humadi; Rafah Sami Ayoub. R. S; International Scientific Conference Marshes Research Center

Investigation of (4-Chlorobenzylamine) As A Corrosion Inhibitor for mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Media


Blqees Odhafa; Esraa Abdullah; Raheem Aziz Al-Uqaily; SUBHI Abdulsattar AL-BAYATY; Watheq Naser Hussein; Bashar Hamza; Mohammed Al-Shuraifi; Hala Kadhum; Conference International Chemistry

Structural, Optical, and Shielding Studies of Some Sb Glasses based Egyptian nano-Rock Wool


Sahar El-Gharbawy; Heba Allah saudi; mohamed Shaban Said; Mohammed A Farag; Mohamed Yousry Hassaan

Genetic diversity estimates through yield performance and molecular markers in spring wheat genotypes.


Ramadan Mohamed Esmail; Adel Ahmed El-Shafei; Fathallah Borhamy Fathallah; ibthal salah eldemardash

Evaluation of HPGe Detector Long Term Performance for Environmental Radioactivity Measurements


dalal abdelsameaa abdelaziz; ahmed mohamed shabasy; Heba Allah saudi Hassan; wafaa momedha El-Meligy; Hannan Mohamed diab