Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 13, December 2022 (Special Issue: Chemistry and Global Challenges) 
Adsorption of Iron metal using laboratory multiple porous media system


Najeeb Alnsrawy; Sadiq S. Muhsun; International Scientific Conference Marshes Research Center

Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye from Wastewater by using ZnS/TiO2 Nanocomposites Material


Nadia Matter Almhana; Zainab Abdulrazak Naser; Shahad Z. Al- Najjar; Zainab T. Al-Sharify; Thiab Hussein Nail

A review on modified polyethersulfone-based membranes prepared by blending method for water treatment


AHMED ABDEL-KARIM; Amer El-Kalliny; Sebastian Leaper; Patricia Gorgojo; Mohamed Badawy; Tarek A. Gad-Allah

Polymer Wastes Reinforced the Rheological Properties of Bitumen Composites Pastes


wijdan mohammed salih; Ammar Ahmed Hamdoon; Fathy Abeed; Mohanad Yakdhan Saleh; Mohamed Abuelseoud Abdelzaher

Effect of particle size on the modification of a two-stage dilute acid hydrolysis process of biomass


Hala Hussein; Mamduh Nassar; Ahmed Abdel Hafez Souliman; Atef Ryhan; Gihan Tolba; Hager Mostafa

Greywater Treatment for Safe Recycling via Hybrid Constructed Wetlands and sludge Evaluation


Hussein Mohamed Ahmed; Hussein Ibrahim Abdel-Shafy; Mohamed El-Khateeb; Mohamed Mahmoud Hefny; Fatehy M. Abdel-Haleem

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals during composting and vermicomposting processes of sewage sludge


Adel S. El-Hassanin; Magdy R. Samak; Saber M. Ahmed; Mohamed M. I. Afifi; Aml M. Abd El-Satar