Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 1, January 2022 
1. Design Requirements for the Treatment of Stormwater Contaminated with Jet Fuel Oil using Corrugated Plate Interceptor

Pages 1-10


Khailash Dhasan Velautham; Shreeshivadasan Chelliapan; Samira Albati Kamaruddin; Lawrence Meyers

2. Application of Helium-Neon Red Laser for Increasing Biohydrogen Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Biowastes

Pages 11-17


Ahmed A Abdelqader; Essam M Abdelsalam; Yasser A Attia; Mohamed Moselhy; Abdallah Ali; Ahmed H Arisha; Mohamed Samer

4. Estimation of the Most Widespread Pesticides in Agricultural Soils Collected from Some Egyptian Governorates

Pages 35-44


Amal Hathout; May Amer; Omaima Hussain; Abdel Azim Yassen; Abdel-Tawab H. Mossa; Mohamed R. Elgohary; ِA. S. M. Fouzy

13. The effect of sulfuric eyes on the blood and hormonalcomponents of the people who live near them in the district of Heet

Pages 117-123


Su’adod Osama Al-khateeb; Aiman Ahad Abdulhady; Esraa Mohamed Faragm; Jilan Saleem Fayyad; Alaa Walid Rashid Saleh

25. Evaluation of Vimentin and Some Biochemical Parameters in the Blood of Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients

Pages 221-226


Entedhar R. Rifaat Sarhat; Siham A. Wadi; Neda Awni; Nawar J. Ali; Thuraia Rifaat Sarhat

32. Therapeutic Potential of Ni(II) Schiff Base Complex on CCl4 Toxicity

Pages 287-298


Hadeel M. Elhattab; Marihan A. Helal; Ayman M. Hyder; Entsar A Saad

34. GC-FID Estimation of BTEX Compounds in Liquid Oil Resulting from Catalytic Pyrolysis of Used Tires

Pages 309-315


Dr. Muna Mahmood Khudhair; Sanaa Tareq Sarhan; Raeda Jaber Omran; Salam abbas alalamir

40. Chemically/Electrically-Assisted Regeneration of Polyacrylonitrile-based Hydrogel adsorbed Heavy Metals

Pages 373-384


Amany El Mansoub; Marwa M. El Sayed; Rasha M. El Nashar; Hussein M. Fahmy; Abdelghany M.G. Abulnour

42. Covalent Immobilization of Dothideomycetes sp. NRC-SSW Chitosanase and Its Application in Chitosan Hydrolysis

Pages 397-406


Shaymaa Ismail; Siham Ismail; Mohamed El Sayed Hassan; Alaa El-Dein Hosny; Amal Mohamed Hashem

46. Electric Modulus and Scaling of Chitosan/PVA Biopolymer Blend

Pages 459-471


M. T. Ahmed; H. Elhendawy; Z. M. Elqahtani; Wafaa Bakr Elsharkawy; M. A. Azzam; Tarek Fahmy

47. Effect of high-power pain threshold ultrasound versus extracorporeal shock wave on upper trapezius myofascial trigger points.

Pages 473-479


Haytham M Elhafez; Hager Mahmoud Mohamed Elsayed; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelhay; Shimaa Taha Abu Elkasem

51. Effects of Fe2O3, MnO2, MgO and ZnO additives on lipid and biodiesel production from microalgae

Pages 511-519


Amany A. Khalifa; Maryam Faried; Essam M Abdelsalam; Yasser Attia Attia; Mohamed A Moselhy; Rania Yousef; Mohamed Samer

53. Impact of the insecticide 14C-chlorfenvinphos in a terrestrial ecosystem

Pages 529-537


Salah zayed; Madiha Farghaly; hamdy taha; soliman mohamed soliman

56. Advancements in Thickening Agents Used in Textile Printing

Pages 565-579


Amal S Abd El-Rahman; Sahar Nassar; Nagla S Elsayyad; Nagla Elshemy

57. Assessment of the Applicability of Cellulolytic Enzyme in Disassembling of Caked Papers

Pages 581-591


Mustafa Attia Mohi; Shaymaa Ismail; ِAmira Hassan; Ayah mounir Tawfik; Walid mohamed

62. Synthesis, Cytotoxic Activity and Molecular Modelling of Novel [1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine Compounds, their Glycoside Derivatives and Acyclic Analogs

Pages 645-656


Ashraf M Mohamed; Mohamed Abdelwahab; dina elnaggar; Naglaa Abdelsamei Abde lHafez; Salwa Faheem Mahmoud; Mohamed El-Bayaa; Dina S. El-kady; Mervat Mostafa Omran; Wael A. El-Sayed

63. Influence of Selected Aerobic Exercises on Serum Vitamin D Level in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 657-664


yasser ramzy lasheen; soheir monir; abeer abo bakr elwishy; enas elsayed abutaleb

67. Shielding Behavior and Structural Role of Bismuth Oxide in Ternary Bismuth Lead Borate Glass

Pages 691-697


Noha Goda Kattaya; Osama Hemeda; Mahrous Shaker Meikhail; Amr Abdelghany; Mohamed Ali