Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 8, August 2022 
5. Snake Venoms-Based Compounds as Potential Anticancer Prodrug: Sand Viper Cerastes Cerastes as a Model

Pages 45-58


Maryham Aziz; Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Rahman; Osama Abbas; Eman Abdel-Moemen Mohamed; Mohamed Hassan

8. Assessment of Workers’ Exposure to Aspergillus in Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pages 79-88


Wafaa G. Shousha; Amal Hussein; Gehan Moubarz; Shiamaa Shawki; Michael Mounir Shawky

12. Genetic polymorphism of the growth hormone (GH5) gene in small ruminants

Pages 131-140


Mohamed Abdelhafez; Noha Osman; Neama Ali; Karima Fathy Mahrous

18. Comparative study on the Chemical Composition and Functional Properties of some Legume Protein Preparations

Pages 199-208


Ayat Ahmed Kheder; Fatma Mohamed Salama; Mohamed Azzam; Hala Abd Al-Moneam Abd El-Rahman

21. Sorghum Responses to Foliar Spraying With Zinc under Water Regime Stress

Pages 227-236


Mahmoud A Khater; Mohamed El-Sayed El-Awadi; Nadia M Badr; Magda A Shalaby; Karima M Gamal El-Din

23. A Comparative study of Chemical Compositions, Antimicrobial and Antiviral Activities of Essential Oils for Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis Swingle Fruits and Leaves along with Limonia acidissima L. Leaves.

Pages 257-265


Seham Salah Eldin El Hawary; Fatma A. Hashim; Nabaweya A. Ibrahim; Azza A. E.M. Matloub; Abeer M ElSayed; Mohamed A Farid; Hoda M. A. H. Shata; omnia Kutkat; Eman A.W. El-Abd; Mohamed Ali

24. Biochemical Changes on Jute Mallow Plant Irrigated with Wastewater and Its Remediation

Pages 267-281


Abdelatti Ibrahim Nowwar; Ibrahim I. Farghal; Mohamed A. Ismail; Mohamed A. Amin

28. Improvement of Male Mice Fecundity by Using Two New Lactobacillus Strains

Pages 321-329


Ahmed Darwish; Abd El-Nasser Khattab; Hafiza Sharaf; Mohamed Abdelhafez; Khaled Abd El-Razik

29. Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Calcium Phosphates Based Bone Cements for Biomedical Applications

Pages 331-336


Ammar Z. Alshemary; Betül Sarsık; Nader A. Salman; Sitem Merve Şahin; Mehmet Murat Şahin; Yasser Muhammed

31. Food Preservation: Comprehensive overview of techniques, applications and hazards

Pages 347-363


Abdulrhman Shaker; Mohamed Abdelalim Ali; Hayam M. Fathy; Diaa Attia Marrez

33. Preparation, characterization and evaluation of new additives for PVC formulations

Pages 5-4


Rana Said Abd; Heba Abd elrazik Mohamed; Yasser Assem; Magdy Mohamed Hemdan

43. Synthesis, characterization and Applications of Novel modified chitosan in Water Treatment.

Pages 5-3


sarah salem; El-Refaie Kenawy; Mohamed Abd AlRaheem Abu Saied; Ahmed Saafan

46. Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2-coupled SnO2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol–Gel Technique

Pages 1-5


Fadhela M Hussein; Yousif kadhim Al-Haidarie; Ramzie Rasheed Alani; ALI AL-MOKARAM

52. QSAR of antioxidant activity of some novel sulfonamide derivatives.

Pages 1-6


Shaymaa H. Abdulrahman; Rawya Z. Al-khayat; Ali younis Alhamdany; Wasan Kh. Ali

56. Biodegradability of Non-wood Packaging Paper

Pages 1-3


Ainur Ibzhanova; Rimma Niyazbekova; Khaldun Mohammad Al AZZAM; El-Sayed Moussa Negim; Orken S. Akibekov

57. A Review of Chalcones: Synthesis, Reactions, and Biological Importance

Pages 2-6


Shorouk S. Mukhtar; Nesrin M. Morsy; Ashraf S. Hassan; Taghrid S. Hafez; Hamdi M. Hassaneen; Fatma M. Saleh

64. Effect of Superplasticizer on the Properties of Sulfate Resistance Concrete

Pages 5-6


shiemaa 01060338228 Fekry; essam abd elazez kisher; mohamed yassry hassan; Hussein abdelhamed saied

69. Synthesis and Application of Nanoporous Adsorbents based on Natural Resource in Dye Removal from water

Pages 2-3


samar M.W ghonim; Alaa S Amin; Mohamed H Shaltout; Moustafa Nassar; Hanan Farouk Youssef

70. Performance of Nanocomposite Polysulfone-Polyaniline Substrates for Enhanced Thin Film Membranes

Pages 3-3


Salah F. Abdellah Ali; Ehab S. Gad; Elsayed M. Elnaggar; Mohamed E.A. Ali; Amr A. Sammak