The Effect of Environmental Pollutants Emitted from the AlSamoud Refinery on the Health of its Workers

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University of Mosul, College of Science, Department of Biology. Iraq


The current study dealt with knowing the effect of exposure to pollutants emitted from the Al-Sumoud refinery on the health of workers working in it, where blood samples were collected from these workers, and then some blood component tests were performed in addition to measuring their blood pressure and measuring the concentrations of both sodium ion and chloride and these results were compared with non-persons. exposed to such pollution as a control group.

The results of the current study showed clear variations in the values and concentrations of these measurements in the blood of the workers in this refinery, where the percentage of workers who had low blood pressure was (65.11%), while the percentage of workers who appeared to have high blood pressure was (27.90%). ), as the hemoglobin concentration showed a decrease in the blood of workers working on the study sites amounted to (29.0 ±.64 11), (63.0 ± 12.55) and (0.33 ± 13.27) in the liquid gas, refining and hydrogenation sites compared with the control group (0.28 ±. 93 14 ) respectively and in the study sites from the refinery, while the percentage of the packed cell volume and in the blood of workers in the liquid gas, refining and hydrogenation sites decreased in the refining and hydrogenation units (38.75 ± 0.98), (41.73 ± 2.02) and (44.20 ± 1.12) ) compared with the packed cells volume in the blood of the control group ((49.66 ± 0.94), while the red blood cells showed an increase in their numbers, the percentages of increase reached (6, 8 and 11%) respectively and in the liquid gas site, while the percentage of increase in the serum of workers reached In the refining and hydrogenation units are (3, 6 and 8%) and (1, 4 and 6%) and during the exposure year from (4-10) ) year and from (11-20) years and (more than 20) years, while the decrease in the concentrations of sodium and chloride reached and during the service year (more than 20 years) also in the location of liquid gas is (2, 3 and 4%), ( 2, 7 and 11%) respectively, compared with the percentages of decrease in the blood of administrators, which are (1, 1 and 1%), (1, 1 and 4%), respectively.


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Volume 65, Issue 131 - Serial Number 13
Special Issue: Chemistry and Global Challenges (Part A)
December 2022
Pages 953-961
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