Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 9, September 2022 
Physiochemical and Sensory Quality Assessment of Frozen Surimi Produced from some underutilized Fish Species

Pages 87-92


Mohamed Abou-Taleb; Abdelrahman S. Talab; Mohamed A. Ibrahim; Maha E. Genina; Mostafa M. Mahmoud; Shimaa M. Abou Taleb; Fify R. Anees

The evaluation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of Parmotrema hypotropa lichen extract

Pages 109-118


Maya Abir TARTOUGA; Ibtissem ELOUAR; Ibtissem ZEGHINA; Mohamed Badreddine MOKHTARI; Lynda GALI; Shara Francesca RAPA; Nunziatina DE TOMMASI; Stefania MARZOCCO; Chawki BENSOUICI

Association between rs738409 and rs139051 SNPs of the PNPLA3 gene and the presence of NAFLD

Pages 127-137


Halla Mohamed Ragab; fawzy ali attaby; Nabila Abd El Maksoud; Mona A. Amin; Heba Kamal A. Elhakim; Wafaa Abd Elaziz

Synthesis and In-vitro Biological Analyses of New quinazolin-2,4-dione Derivatives

Pages 189-199


H.R.M. Rashdan; H. Okasha; M. A. Abdelhakeem; A. M. Mosallam; H. Temairk; A.G. Alhamzani; M.M. Abou-Krisha; T.A. yousef; A.H. Abdelmonsef

Effect of Carob, Doum, and Cinnamon Powder on Blood Lipid Profile in Diabetic Rats

Pages 317-328


Wafaa Ahmed Hussein; Amany Abd-Elfattah Salem; Hany Aziz Fahmy; Samar Mohamed Mouneir; Amira Sh. Soliman; Mohamed Said Abbas

Bacteriocin Production Of Enterococcus Species Isolated From Milk And Some Cheese Samples

Pages 405-413


Sherif adel saad; Selim Abdelaziz Soliman; Mahmoud Mostafa refae; Ahmad Mohammad Hassanin; Badr saeid Abdel-Maksoud; hany mohammed fahmy; amr farouk mansour; Hamdy Abdel-Gawaad Shaaban

Cobalt (II), Nickel (II) and Copper (II) complexes of Tetradentate Schiff bases ligands derived from 4-Nitro-O-phenylenediamine: Synthesis, Characterization, cyclic voltammetry and biological studies

Pages 477-495


Maurice Kuate; Evans Ngandung Mainsah; Francis A. Ngounoue Kamga; Awawou Gbambi Paboudam; Conde Asseng Mariam; Chancellin Nkepdep Peucheu; Tonle Kenfack Ignas; Peter T. Ndifon

Zinc oxide nanoparticles characterization and therapeutic evaluation on high fat / sucrose diet induced-obesity

Pages 497-511


Ahmed M. A. El-Seidy; Samir A. Bashandy; Fatma A. A. Ibrahim; Sahar S. Abd El-Rahman; Omar Farid; Sherif Moussa; Marwan A. El-Baset

Estimation of Static Oxidation Reduction Potential in Couples Undergoing ICSI Procedure

Pages 577-587


Medhat K. Amer; Botros Rizk; Shereen, F. Sharaf; Ayman A. Hassan; Ahmad A. Mousa; Gaber O. Moustafa

Application of marine algae separate and in combination with natural zeolite in dye adsorption from wastewater ; A review

Pages 589-616


Ahmed Hamd Gneedy; Asmaa Ragab Dryaz; Mohamed Shabaan Said; Hamad A AlMohamadi; Sayed A. Ahmed; refat elsayed; Nofal Khamis Soliman

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the different parts of maize cultivated in soils irrigated with different quality of water

Pages 625-638


Adel El-Hassanin; Magdy R. Samak; Essam Mahmoud Saleh; Yehia Hassan Abou-Sree; Gomaa Nour-Eldein Abdel-Rahman; Mohamed Bedair M. Ahmed

Impact of Phenolic Compounds and Glucosinolates of Two Brassicaceae Seeds Powder as natural herbicides.

Pages 707-714


Salah El-Din Abd El-Ghany Ahmed; Mona Adel El-Wakeel; Sanaa Abd El Rahman Mohamed; Nadia Khalil Messiha

Ibuprofen amino acid derivatives: synthesis, docking and biological studies

Pages 749-761


AbdelHameed Selim; Ewies F. Ewies; Reem T Attia; Said M. Shedid; Mohamed A El-Gazzar