Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 7, July 2022 
Instant Tea Formulation from Cordyceps militaris Extract via Convection Drying

Pages 65-72


Nguyen Phu Thuong Nhan; Nguyen Ngoc Quy; Dang Thi Kim Thuy; Pham Thi My Thoa; Tran Bach Long

Equilibrium Kinetic and Thermodynamics Studies of Uranium Adsorption by Natural Clinoptilolite from Acidic Medium

Pages 121-129


Hagar Nasser El Shamy; Mostafa Khalil; Mohamed Shaaban Atrees; El-Sayed Ali Haggag; Mohamed Ismaiel Mahmoud El Aoady; Amira Mohamed Tawfik; Hend Abdelkhalik Salem

Formaldehyde Risk Assessment in Indoor/Outdoor Environment in Cairo, Egypt

Pages 175-188


Inas Ali Saleh; Aliaa A. Ezzo; Nasser Mohamed Moustafa Abdel-Latif; Atef Mohamed Fathy Mohammed

Molecular Docking and DFT Study of Synthesized Oxazine Derivatives

Pages 231-240


Dhafer S. Zinad; Ahmed Mahal; Ghazwan Ali Salman; Omar Adil Shareef; Mohammad Rizki Fadhil Pratama

Structural Peculiarities of Borate Bioglass Doped With Silver Oxide

Pages 293-303


Amr M. Abdelghany; Mahrous S. Meikhail; Amin El-Adawy; Hosam A. Othman; Eman M. Abdallah

Enhancing the Optical Properties of Starch/ZnO Nanocomposites using Graphene Oxide

Pages 335-342


Rania Badry; Maroof A. Hegazy; Ibrahim S. Yahia; Hanan Elhaes; Heba Y. Zahran; Ahmed I. Abdel-Salam; Hanan Matar; Medhat A. Ibrahim

Antioxidants as a Potential Therapy for Reduction of Oxidative Stress in Autistic Children

Pages 343-351


Nevin Sharaf; Gehan Moubarz; Hala Awadalla; Noha Hegazy; Amal Elsaied; Ahmed Abdel Gawad; Sara Said

Theoretical study of isomerization and polymerization in polyethylene terephthalate

Pages 353-362


Walid M.I. Hassan; Lobna A. Heikal; Ahmed S. Abou-Elyazed; Hamdy F. M. Mohamed; Medhat A. Ibrahim; Asmaa S. Hamouda

Assessment of Hepatitis C management on glycemic control among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients

Pages 525-532


Abdelrahman Hassanein; Moustafa Hassan Ragab; Hanan Amer; Dalia Elmosalami; Mohamed Abdelrahman; Thanaa Rabah; Ahmed AboulGhate; Hazem El-Hariri

Synthesis, Cytotoxic, and Apoptotic Activity of New N-(Arylglycyl)succinohydrazide and their Sugar Hydrazone Derivatives

Pages 567-576


Wael A. El-Sayed; Hussein H. Elganzory; Abeer S. A. Khalaf-Allaha; Ashraf M. Mohamed; Ahmed A. Abd-Rabou; Yasser Kamal Abdel-Monem

Functional stirred Yoghurt fortified with buffalo, bovine, mix colostrum and lactoferrin, effect of lactoferrin on pathogenic bacteria and amino acids of buffalo, bovine colostrum and lactoferrin

Pages 583-594


Alshymaa Ahmed- Khamis Karam-Allah; Eman Mohammed Abo-Zaid; Mahmoud Mostafa refae; Hamdy Abdel-Gawaad Shaaban; Sherif adel saad; Ahmad Mohammad Hassanin; Mohammed Abd El-Moniem El-Waseif

Amelioration of Hepatotoxicity Accompanied to Cyclophosphamide Therapy by Citrus aurantium L. Peel in Wistar Rats

Pages 645-657


Mona Samy Halaby; Ibrahim Hassan Badawy; Amany Sayed Maghraby; Fatma El-Zahraa Sayed Mohamed; Maha Hanafy Mahmoud