Open Channel In-Stream Drainage Water Treatment Using Electrocoagulation Stainless Steel Electrodes

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1 Strategic research unit, National water research center Cairo

2 Head of Irrigation and hydraulics Department ,Faculty of Engineering, AL Azhar University, Nasr city, Cairo, EEgypt

3 Drainage Research Institute, National water research center, El Qanater, Cairo, Egypt.

4 Mechanical and Electrical research institute, National water research center, El Qanater, Cairo, Egypt.


Egypt suffers from a water shortage and is expected to be scarcer. This shortage is rewarded by water reuse with different methods to solve this deficit. There are low-cost water treatment methods to mitigate water shortage compared to other expensive approaches. One of these methods is Electro-Coagulation were, the simultaneous removing of many pollutants, using electrical current and sacrificial metal plates (electrodes) without adding any chemicals. This research illustrates the use of Electro-coagulation depending on a scaled open channel physical model with installed in-stream stainless steel plates electrodes to reduce water pollution, the used electrodes were installed of the same spacing in parallel to the water flow direction, using four different values of volts used in the experiment. The effluent of the physical model focused in some water parameters such as COD, TSS, pH, salinity, and turbidity. The results showed, in case of discharge Q=10 l/hr, the treatment was optimal where the values of COD before and after Electro-Coagulation were 212 mg/l and 24 mg/l respectively. TSS has been reduced from 70mg/l to 6 mg/l. Which means, this method was effective and of low operating cost (0.31$/m3) treating water and delivering it to the required specifications for reuse again.


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Volume 65, Issue 131 - Serial Number 13
Special Issue: Chemistry and Global Challenges (Part A)
December 2022
Pages 361-369
  • Receive Date: 03 February 2022
  • Revise Date: 26 March 2022
  • Accept Date: 30 March 2022