Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 10, October 2022 
Physico-chemical properties of Balanites Aegyptiaca’s Seeds and Seed Oil from Southern Algeria

Pages 39-45


Benmouloud Khadra; Makhloufi Ahmed; Belaguid Somia; Belloufa Ahmed; Belkessam nafissa; Fekhar Nassima

Effect of cannabinoids in global cerebral Ischemia in vivo

Pages 107-118


Omar Abdel-Salam; Rania Elgohary; Marawan Abd Elbaset; Eman R. Youness; Amany Sleem; Nermeen Shaffie

Biodegradability of Non-wood Packaging Paper

Pages 131-139


Ainur Ibzhanova; Rimma Niyazbekova; Khaldun Mohammad Al AZZAM; El-Sayed Moussa Negim; Mira A. Serekpayeva; Orken S. Akibekov

Nigella sativa L. as a potential natural product for the treatment of COVID-19

Pages 141-151


Khaldun Al Azzam; Rima Mohammad Al Omari; Adam aburoub; Lyazzat Bekbayeva; El-Sayed Moussa Negim; Hassan aboulenein

Surface Decoration of Zirconium Oxide with Bismuth sulfide catalysts for Photocatalytic Degradation of Red dye 195

Pages 209-215


Heba K. El- El-Kholly; Shimaa M. Abdel Moneim; Hanan S. Ibrahim; Nabila S. Ammar; Ahmed G. El-Deen; M H. Helal; M K. Zahran; Mohammed Eid M. Ali

Thermostable Protease, Amylase and Lipase Enzymes of Thermophilic Bacteria Isolated from Egyptian Hot Springs

Pages 225-238


Eman Kahled; mohamed fayez fouad; Mona H Badawi; Wafaa Mohamed Abd El-Rahim; Haitham Shawky; Hassan Moawad

The Pivotal role of Cerium oxide nanoparticles in thioacetamide-induced hepatorenal injury in rat.

Pages 267-278


Samir A Bashandy; Mohamed Fayed Abdelhameed; Omar Farid; Fatma Morsy; Fatma A. A. Ibrahim; Marawan Abd Elbaset

Effect of ethanolic extract of Fagonia cretica on BPA-induced genotoxicity and histopathology in brain and testis tissues of rats

Pages 383-396


Dalia M. Aboelhassan; Inas S. Ghaly; Noha E. Ibrahim; Nermeen M Shaffie; Kamilia B. Abd El-Aziz; Aboelfetoh M. Abdalla; Ibrahim M. Farag

Graft Co-Polymer Nano Particle as Carbon Steel Corrosion Inhibitor in 1M H2SO4 At 293K

Pages 447-454


Hamida idan Salman; Mohammad Nadhum Bahjat AL-Baiati; Doaa R mohammedali; Emad S abood

Polymer Resin Modelling for Chemical and Biomedical Purposes

Pages 523-529


Noor T. Al-Sharify; Hussein A. Hussein; Sura M. Ahmed; Talib A. Al-Sharify; Zainab T. AL-sharify; Helen Onyeaka; Zainab Abdulrazaq Naser; Taghi Miri; Soumya Ghosh

Performance of Nanocomposite Polysulfone-Polyaniline Substrates for Enhanced Thin Film Membranes

Pages 543-550


Elsayed M. Elnaggar; Mohamed E.A. Ali; Mostafa M. Abo-Elfadl; Salah F. Abdellah; Ehab S. Gad; Amr A. Sammak; Gamal M. El-kady

Spectral Indices Based Study to Evaluate and Model Surface Water Quality of Beni Suef Governorate, Egypt

Pages 631-645


Mahmoud Saad Mohammed; Salwa Farouk Elbeih; Essam A. Mohamed; Hend Abu Salem; Mohamed Ibrahim; ElSayed ElBastamy ElSayed

Chemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra roots

Pages 667-672


Heyam G. Al Mousawi; Rasha Hadi Saleh; Aseel Mohammed Omran; Amal Talib Al Sa'ady; Abdolmajid Ghasemian

High Internal Phase Pickering Emulsions as Template for Lightweight Foam Cement

Pages 673-680


Ahmed S. A. Soliman; Amro K.F. Dyab; Hisham A. Essawy; Fouad Taha; Ahmed I. A. Abd El-Mageed

phytochemical composition and antioxidant activity of Terminalia muelleri and Terminalia myriocarpa

Pages 689-699


Abeer abdel moamen gad mabrouk Elmalah; Soad Mohammed Abdel khalik; Mohamed S.I Abdelhady; Kamilia el fouly Taha; Gouda TM Dawoud