Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 4, April 2022 
10. Evaluation of the Potential Therapeutic Anti-inflammatory, Anti-proliferative and Apoptotic Effects of Viburnum tinus Leaves Different Extracts.

Pages 95-110


Fatma Hassan Salman; Ekrami Ahmed Hassan; Mona Abdel-Motagaly; soad ali sherif; Mona Nagiub Moharib; Eman M. Abd ElAzeem

20. Green Synthesis of Zinc oxide Nanocomposite Using Fusarium oxysporum and Evaluation of the Anticancer Effect on Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pages 197-207


Doaa Sayed Rashwan; may mohamed abd el hamed; Mohamed Diaa El-deen; mei mohamed afify; mona hassan mohamed; abd el razik farrag mohamed; Rana Assem Nagy; Heba Kamal A. Elhakim

25. Heme oxygenase – 1 Expression in Liver and Colon of Rats Exposed to Oxidative stress and Dysplasia by a Carcinogen Diethylnitrosamine and the Possible Therapeutic Effects of Probiotic Versus Pyridazine Derivative and Chemotherapy

Pages 249-268


Noha Abdellatif Ibrahim; Hend Mohamed Anwar; Asmaa M. Moghazy; Tamer El Malah; Waleed Mahmoud Ragab; Rania Awad Hassan Abd El-Aal; Neveen A. Saleh; Doaa Ebrahim Eldosoki

26. Physiochemical Properties And Phytochemical Characteristics Of Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria Siceraria) Seed Oil

Pages 269-277


Atef Abd El-Rahman; Akrum Zain Alabdin Mahmoud; Ahmed Ali Sayed; Maha Ahmed Abd El latif

27. Polymorphism Investigation of Sex Determining Factor gene (SRY) and the association of Semen Criteria with Field fertility in Egyptian Buffalo Bulls

Pages 279-286


Mahmoud H. Hasanain; Karima Gh. M. Mahmoud; Youssef F. Ahmed; Mahmoud F. Nawito; Afifi A. EL-Menoufy; Sayed T. Ismail

35. Synthesis And Characterization Of Granular Ion Exchangers Based On Acrylonitrile Copolymers

Pages 363-370


Khudaynazarov Jahongir Ortik Ugli; Boboev Tuygun Mirzamukhamedovich; Tillayev Sanjar Usmonovich; Egamkulova Laziza Bakhodir kizi

40. Evaluation the chemical and mechanical properties of EVA modified concrete

Pages 403-410


Essam ismail ghally; Hazem F. Khalil; Ragab A. A; Moustafa F. Bakr

52. Synthesis of new polymers linked to heterocyclic using zinc oxide with nanostructures extracted from natural sources

Pages 579-589


Khalida Ali Thejeel; Sanaa abdul al sahib abdul kareem; Israa F. Ascar; Muneer Abbas Hussein

56. Effect Of Quercetin As Therapeutic And Protective Agent In Aluminum Chloride-Induced Alzheimer's Disease Rats

Pages 633-641


Hala Ali Elreedy; Asmaa Elfiky; Asmaa Mahmoud; Khadiga Salaheldin Ebrahim; Mohamed Ghazy

57. Synthesis and Characterization and Thermal Properties of New Linked Azo-Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins

Pages 643-649


Ghada M. Kamil; Mais A. Mohammed; Sarah S. Abdul Rahman; Riyadh Mahmood Ahmed; Mohammed S. Faisal; Ismaeel Y. Majeed; Ahmed Ahmed

62. Cardioprotective effect of melatonin on ischemic heart disease clinical course in elderly patients with insomnia

Pages 693-700


Mikhail A. Osadchuk; Inna N. Vasil`eva; Nikolay P. Korzhenkov; Ekaterina D. Mironova; Maxim V. Trushin

63. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Some Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Dental Caries

Pages 701-714


Reyam Abdul Khuder Mohammed Jassam; Ahmed jaber aboob; Ahmed S. Abed; Emad Salaam Abood

64. The Effect of Poly (Propylene Glycol – g – Styrene) on the Physicomechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Pages 715-722


El-Sayed Moussa Negim; Lyazzat Bekbayeva; Galiya Irmukhametova; Abdasssalam Alfergani; Sergei N. Kalugin

65. Punica granatum L var nana: A Hepatoprotective and Curative Agent Against CCl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Pages 723-733


Yasser M. Diab; Mohamed Tammam; Ahmed Emam; Mamdouh Mohamed; Magda E. Mahmoud; Wael Semida; Omnia Aly; Amr El-Demerdash

66. Evaluation of Expired Augmentine Drugs as Corrosion Inhiitor for Carbon Steel Alloy in 1.0 n hcl Acidic Environment Using Analytical Techniques

Pages 735-745


Reda Abdel Hameed; Ayham Essa; Dina Mohamed; Metwally Abdallah; Meshari Aljohani; Saedah Al-Mhyawi; Mahmoud Soluman; Enas Ismail Arafa

69. Characterization and Swelling Properties of Copolymer Poly(N, Ndimethyl acrylamide -co-acrylic acid) and Homopolymer Poly(acrylic acid)

Pages 771-777


Ulantay Nakan; Balgyn Tolkyn; Dinara Adikanova; El-Sayed Moussa Negim; Gulzhakhan Yeligbayeva; Tulegen Seilkhanov; Bibigul Kenzhebayeva; Kaldybek Zh Abdiyev

70. Enhancing the performance of asphalt mixtures by adding EVA wastes.

Pages 779-792


Essam ghally; Hazem F. Khalil; Ragab A. A.; Ramy Mohamed Abdel-monem; Moustafa F. Bakr