Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 9, September 2022 
Synthesis and In-vitro Biological Analyses of New quinazolin-2,4-dione Derivatives

Pages 189-199


H.R.M. Rashdan; H. Okasha; M. A. Abdelhakeem; A. M. Mosallam; H. Temairk; A.G. Alhamzani; M.M. Abou-Krisha; T.A. yousef; A.H. Abdelmonsef

Effect of Carob, Doum, and Cinnamon Powder on Blood Lipid Profile in Diabetic Rats

Pages 317-328


Wafaa Ahmed Hussein; Amany Abd-Elfattah Salem; Hany Aziz Fahmy; Samar Mohamed Mouneir; Amira Sh. Soliman; Mohamed Said Abbas