Various Extraction Methods of Different Enzymes and their Potential Applications in Various Industrial Sector (a review)

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1 Textile Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Benha University, Benha, Egypt

2 National Research Centre (NRC), Textile Research and Technology Institute (TRTI), Pre-treatment and Finishing of Cellulose-based Fibers Department (PFCFD), El-Behouth St. (former El-Tahrir str.), Dokki, P.O. 12622, Giza, Egypt


Enzyme’s existence has been reported since the mid-nineteenth century, and they have been widely employed in a variety of industrial operations. Because of their unique properties, they have a wide range of uses in a variety of industries. They have been widely used in textiles because of their biodegradability, non-toxicity, and environmental friendliness. The major areas in the textile sector for enzyme-induced processes are lignin degradation, hydrogen peroxide degradation, textile bleaching, desizing and so on. Amylases, peroxidase, protease, cellulase, laccase and catalase are the most common and widely utilised biocatalysts in the textile business. The current review focuses on the role of different enzymes, their extraction from natural sources and their applications in the textile industry.


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