Anti-Obesity Potential of Natural Products

Document Type : Review Articles


pharmacognosy Department, National Research centre, Egypt


Obesity is a complex chronic disease that shows increasing incidence around the world. Although behavioral and lifestyle interventions remain the cornerstones of weight loss, it's a big challenge to maintain the lifestyle. The lack of effective anti-obesity drugs exacerbates this global health problem. As a result, the utilization of natural products could be a viable alternative to the development of novel anti-obesity drugs. It's also thought that combining many natural compounds can have synergistic effects, enhancing anti-obesity effect by regulating several targets. Many multidimensional approaches that combine pharmacological, chemical and biological factors in determining the potential anti-obesity impact of natural products are done in vivo and in vitro throughout the year. A wide range of plants from many families have shown potent anti-obesity effects. The presence of a large number of phytochemicals, unsaturated fatty acids and fibers, in these natural materials is primarily responsible for their biological advantages. The current review focused on the recent advances in the anti-obesity potential of natural products, their mechanisms of action as anti-obesity agents, preclinical and clinical trials will be discussed.


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