Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 8, August 2022 
Snake Venoms-Based Compounds as Potential Anticancer Prodrug: Sand Viper Cerastes Cerastes as a Model

Pages 43-55


Maryham Aziz; Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Rahman; Osama Abbas; Eman Abdel-Moemen Mohamed; Mohamed Hassan

Assessment of Workers’ Exposure to Aspergillus in Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pages 77-83


Wafaa G. Shousha; Amal Hussein; Gehan Moubarz; Shiamaa Shawki; Michael Mounir Shawky

Sorghum Responses to Foliar Spraying With Zinc under Water Regime Stress

Pages 237-246


Mahmoud A Khater; Mohamed El-Sayed El-Awadi; Nadia M Badr; Magda A Shalaby; Karima M Gamal El-Din

Biochemical Changes on Jute Mallow Plant Irrigated with Wastewater and Its Remediation

Pages 271-283


Abdelatti Ibrahim Nowwar; Ibrahim I. Farghal; Mohamed A. Ismail; Mohamed A. Amin

Improvement of Male Mice Fecundity by Using Two New Lactobacillus Strains

Pages 317-321


Ahmed Darwish; Abd El-Nasser Khattab; Hafiza Sharaf; Mohamed Abdelhafez; Khaled Abd El-Razik