Association of C-Reactive Protein with Risk of Complications of diabetic nephropathy

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1 Department of Biochemistry , College of Medicine , Tikrit University

2 Clinical Biochemistry, Dentistry College, University of Tikrit, Iraq

3 biochemistry , Dentistry College, University of Tikrit , Iraq


Background: Diabetic nephropathy become the main cause of chronic renal diseases in the world, that have been demonstrated high mortality rate and disability in patients with diabetes mellitus. Many recent studies demonstrate the associations of CRP and development of renal impairment in type two diabetic patients demonstrating the relation between systemic inflammation and glycemic control and consequently with severity of diabetic complications. Aim of study: evaluate the role of CRP and to analyze any correlation of CRP with nephropathy complications of diabetes. Material: the study was a cross sectional study of 62 type tow diabetic patients attended to Kirkuk general Hospital and 28 healthy subjects. Patient group was separated into two groups first include those have diabetic nephropathy and the second group include patient s without nephropathy. CRP level in serum sample was evaluated and albumin– creatinine ratio in random urine samples were calculated. Results: the present study revealed that the CRP serum concentration was significantly high in patient with nephropathy than those without nephropathy (P< 0.01). Also, demonstrated that the urine albumin–creatinine ratio was significantly increased in patients with nephropathy as compared with those without nephropathy as well as there is a strong positive correlation between CRP and urine albumin– creatinine ratio. Conclusion: A positive correlation of CRP with albumin– creatinine ration indicating the role of CRP in development of DN and possibility of used CRP measurement to predicate the DN development in type two diabetic patients. also supports the treatment targeting inflammatory mediators in improving diabetic complication.


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Volume 65, Issue 8 - Serial Number 8
August 2022
Pages 483-487
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  • First Publish Date: 30 December 2021