Preparation, Spectral Characterization, Thermal Study, and Antifungal Assay of (Formazane -Mefenamic acid)- Derivatives

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1 Professor, Department of chemistry, Organic Synthetic Chemistry , Iraq.

2 Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, Al-Mustaqbal University College, Babylon, Iraq


Postane Fortis a well-known pharmaceutical drug that has several medicinal uses and has entered into several chemical reactions in order to increase its biological effectiveness, in this work Postane Fort was linked with formazan to increase its pharmacological effectiveness as an antifungal – microbial via various reactions like condensation of anil compounds ,then coupling steps with imine group in other donating compounds, then linking two active groups to formation new drugs represented by Mefnamic-Formazan or Postan-Formazan. Numerus of Postane Fort (drug) derivatives were prepared as a new organic compounds via several chemical reactions like. All organic reactions and all formatted compounds had been monitored through (FT IR-Spectra , 1H.NMR-Spectra, Mass-Spectra)., Melting points, other studies represented by (Thermal investigation, antifungal Evaluation)., all created ponstan derivatives appeared good antifungi activity because their strctures that involved formazan group (N=N-C=N-) linked with some heterocyclic ring like thiadiazole and other types of cycles.


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