Synthesis and Application of New Silicone Based Water Repellents

Document Type : Original Article


1 Textile Research Division, National Research Center, Dokki, Giza 12622, Egypt

2 National Research Centre (NRC), Textile Research Industrial Division (TRID), Pre-treatment and Finishing of Cellulose based Fibers Department (PFCFD), El-Behouth St. (former El-Tahrir str.), Dokki, P.O. 12622, Giza, Egypt

3 Chemistry department, Faculty of science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.


Water repellent finishes are highly needed to achieve water repellent clothing, home and technical textiles. In that regard, new CPS1000/TDI and CPS5000/TDI adducts were synthesized upon reacting monocarbinol terminated polydimethylsiloxanes (CPS) having molecular weight of 1000 or 5000 Da with 2,4-Toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) in a molar ratio of 2:1 respectively at 100 OC for 90 min. The chemical structure of CPS1000/TDI adduct was confirmed by the FTIR analysis. The synthesized adducts were dispersed in water using stearic acid/triethanol amine system to obtain water repellents. The TEM analysis confirmed that the particles size of such adducts emulsions is in the nano scale. Incorporation of that adducts emulsions in easy care finishing formulation of cotton/polyester (50/50) blended fabric imparts that fabric with multifunctional properties namely anti-crease, water repellency, and soft hand. The SEM images and EDX analysis of CPS1000/TDI adduct emulsion treated fabric were investigated.


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