Study of mechanical properties and wear behavior of nano-ZrO2-hardened Al2024 matrix composites prepared by stir cast method

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2 Ceramics


The Al2024 matrix composites reinforced by different weight percentages of nano-ZrO2 particles prepared by stir-cast method. Physical and mechanical properties (microhardness, compressive test and elastic moduli) of the prepared composites samples were measured. Moreover, the effect of sliding distance and applied load on the wear behavior of all prepared samples was studied. The results showed that the relative density of the Al2024 matrix decreased with increase of the nano-ZrO2 particles while the apparent porosity increased. Moreover, significant improvement in mechanical properties, for example microhardness, ultimate strength, strengthening efficiency and Young’s modulus. The wear rate decreased as the reinforcement content increased while it increased with the increase of the sliding distance and applied load. The microhardness, ultimate strength, bulk modulus of the composites containing 10 wt.% ZrO2 sample improved to approximately 31, 60 and 49%, respectively. For the same sample, the wear rate improved around 20.2 and 21.3 under applied loads 10 and 40 N, respectively.


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