Both micro-structural slips and conductivity variation properties of magneto nanoflow of micropolar fluid

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Heliopolis, Cairo, 11757, Egypt.

2 Department of Basic and Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering, IAEMS, 11311, Cairo, Egypt.


Electrical and thermal conductivity plays a paramount role in food industries' heat operation processes. Hence, this analysis sheds light on the variation of conductivity properties in MHD boundary layer flow with micropolar nanofluid. Micro-structural slips and Arrhenius impacts are also taken into consideration. A reliable suitable similarity transformations of the resulting fluid equation system are applied, to give an ordinary differential system of equations. Rung-Kutta method with shooting technique is utilized to achieve numerical results. The technical algorithms are made via a full package of Mathematica 13.1.1. Sketches/results are prepared for the velocity, microrotation velocity, temperature and nanoparticles concentration distributions against physical parameters. Results assured on the variation of conductivity properties improve the temperature distribution of fluid and then the operation system attained more energy, that beneficial in industries of food operations with the aid idea of Ohmic heaters.


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