Novel Method for Investigation the Mass of Different Pyrotechnics MTV Compositions for Rocket Motor Igniter

Document Type : Original Article


1 Cairo Higher Institute for Engineering, Computer Science and Management

2 Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)


Pyrotechnic compositions-based on Magnesium /Teflon /Viton (MTV) have many desirable properties for using as igniter for solid rocket propellant. Safety and reliability including low hygroscopicity, easier ignitability, good grain fabrication, stability during burning and low production cost. This study produces a novel method for design MTV igniter based on thermochemical properties for the compositions.

A theoretical study has been carried out using NASA CEA program for modeling the combustion properties for different MTV compositions with different fuel to oxidizer ratio(F/O) which varies between 0.18 to 3.75. The study investigates the effect of the (F/O) ratio on the heat of combustions which decreases with increasing the (F/O) ratio. The output values of the NASA CEA program is the main parameter for the novel method to determine the mass of the MTV igniter for required rocket propellant. The study concluded that as the (F/O) ratio increases the required mass of the igniter increases.


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