Design and synthesis of novel homo and copolymerization based on 4-(N-maleimidylmethylbenzylidene)-4'-(N-citraconamic acid)-1,1'-biphenyl

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1 chemistry department, college of science, Baghdad university, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Babylon sewage directorate, Babylon, Iraq


The present work involved design and synthesis of six new polymaleimides, which contain three important moieties together namely maleimide ring, Schiff base and citraconamic acid. Symthesis of the new polymers was performed by many steps at the first step N-(4-acetophenyl) maleamic acid was prepared via reaction of 4-amino acetophenone with maleic anhydride. Dehydration of N-(4-acetophenyl) maleamic acid in the second step afforded N-(4-acetophenyl) maleimide and this inturn was presented in condensation reaction with benzidine in the third step generating 4-(N-maleimidylmehtylbenzylidene)-4'-amino-1,1'biphenyl, reaction of this compound with citraconic anhydride gave 4-(N-maleimidylmehtylbenzylidene)-4'-(N-citraconamic acid)-1,1'-biphenyl. The last compound is the key compound and the new important monomer in this work which contains two vinylic bonds readily introduced in free radical homo and copolymerization producing the new homopolymer and copolymers. The presence of bulk Schiff base and citraconamic acid components beside coplymerization exhibit the new polymers good fusibility and solubility leading to easer processability and wide applications.


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