Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 7, July 2021 
Effect of Refuse Derived Fuel Ash on the Hydration Characteristics of Portland Cement

Pages 3255-3264


Eisa El-Sayed Hekal; Wael Hussein Hegazy; Rasha Mostafa Kamel; Khaled Abdelrehim Moustafa

Tailoring Nano-Copolymer/CNTs Composite and its Application in Drug Delivery

Pages 3335-3349


mohamed kamal darwish; mohamed Shaban Said; Rokaya Aly Sobh; Ahmed Ahmed abdel-khalek

Preliminary study on the toxicological impacts of Pinus roxburghii and Nauplius graveolens extracts on albino mice

Pages 3489-3498


Mosab Gad; Hassan Z. Hassouna; khaled mahmoud; Ahmed A. Abd-Rabou; Amal S. Abdel-Azeem; Amany M. Hegazy; Mohamed S. Abdel- Lattife; Fouad A. Ahmed

Influence of Extract Derived Cell Cultures of Broccoli against Osteoporosis in Ovariectomized Rats

Pages 3521-3539


Abeer Salama; Mohamed F. Abdelhameed; Samy Mostafa; Somaia A. Nada; Hussein S Taha; Asmaa A Amer

Synthesis, Characterization, scaling up and use of Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles to prepare nanoporous PVC film

Pages 3623-3634


Ahamed I Abd-Elhamid; H. F. Aly; Hesham M.A. Soliman; M. A. Akl; Aref M.E Abd ELRahman; tamer abd elrazik

Lyopene Nanoparticles Ameliorate The Antioxidants, Antimicrobial And Anticancer Potencies Of Tomato Pomace.

Pages 3739-3749


Habiba A. Ahmed; Zeinab A. Salama; Salah H. Salem; Hanan F. Aly; Amr Nassrallah; Faten Abou-Elella; Ahmed M. Aboul-Enein

Design, Synthesis and Antiviral Evaluation of New N-(4)-(benzo[d][1,3]-dioxol-5-yl)thiosemicarbazone Derivatives

Pages 3791-3800


Samir Y. Abbas; Wael M. Tohamy; Wahid M. Basyouni; Khairy A.M. El-Bayouki; Reham M. Dawood; Mostafa K. El-awady; Farid M. Sroor

Effect of Antioxidants Intake on Oxidative Stress Among Mobile Phone Users

Pages 3903-3912


Weam Shaheen; Nagat M. Amer; Salwa F. Hafez; Shafika Nasser; Maha Ghobashi; George Morcos; Mona Adel Helmy