Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 2, February 2021 
Sansevieria: An Evaluation Of Potential Cytotoxic Activity In Reference To Metabolomic And Molecular Docking Studies

Pages 835-849


Seham Salah Eldin El Hawary; mona Elmahdy Eltantawy; Mohamed Rabeh; Zeinab Yousef Ali; Amgad Albohy; Noha Essam Fawaz

Recent trends for clean fuel production by deoxygenation of pure palmitic acid using Ni/C catalyst.

Pages 883-892


Ahmed Rashad; Heba M. El Sharkawy; Mohamed A. Ebiad; Hessin A. El sayed; Ahmed H. Tantawy; Kaouser A. Hebash; Seham M. El sabagh; Afaf R. Taman

Biosynthesis and Bio-sensing Applications of Silver and Gold Metal Nanoparticles

Pages 1057-1063


Mohamed Abdelaziz; Ahmed Shalabi; Abdlatef A. Radwan; Elmorsy Khaled; Rabeay Y. A. Hassan