Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 3, March 2021 
ICMMS-2: Metal−organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage: Theoretical Prospective

Pages 1133-1140


Lobna A. Heikal; Walid M.I. Hassan; Asmaa S. Hamouda; Hamdy F. M. Mohamed; Ahmed H. El-shazly; Medhat A. Ibrahim

ICMMS-2: Gamma-rays interactions on the spectral properties of CuO-doped lithium host barium borate glasses

Pages 1179-1185


Mohamed. M. Ibrahim; Hatem A. ElBatal; Amr M. Abdelghany; Mona. A. Fanny; Mohammed Y. Hassaan

ICMMS-2: Zinc Oxide nano-rods: Challenges for Glucose Biosensors

Pages 1219-1227


Hanan A. Wahab; Aziza A. El Saeid; Aida A. Salama; Inas K. Battisha

Nuclear polyhedrosis virus DNA identification and first evaluation against Strawberry pest, Pentodon algerinum (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Pages 1239-1255


Samah Abd EL-Aziz; Magda, H. Rady; Bouthina, A. Merdan; Hany, M. Hussein; El-Sayed, M.A. El-Saiedy; Abd El-Salam A.M.E

Low Cost Ceramic Product Based on Mixing Granodiorite and Talc from Eastern Desert, Egypt.

Pages 1323-1331


Said Hassan Abd El Rahim; Nahla I. Abd El Ghaffar; Zeinab A. Abd El-Shakour; Esmat M A Hamzawy

Highly efficient capture of Th(IV) from aqueous solutions using GO/TiO2 nanocomposite

Pages 1353-1362


Eman Mohamed Kamal; Gehad Hamdy Abd El-Aziz Mohamed; Inas Abd El-Aziz El-Sabbagh

Kinetic studies on the adsorption of uranium on a mesoporous impregnated activated carbon

Pages 1371-1385


Elsayed Aly Haggag; mohamed bakry masod; ahmed aly abdelsamad; mostafa mahmoud mohamed; Mohamed ebiad

Biocidal Activity of Polyester Fabrics Modified with SiO2 Nps

Pages 1411-1419


Lamiaa Kamal El-Gabry; Nahed A. Abd El-Ghany; Sara E. Aboras; Amira Adel Abou El-Kheir

CO2 Emissions, Green House Gas Calculations and Controlling in the Gas Plant

Pages 1421-1431


Ebrahiem Esmail Ebrahiem; Abdelaziz Ahmed Noaman; Tarek M Aboulfotouh; Moustapha I Mansour; Yassin A Hakim

Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Damsin and Neoambrosin from Ambrosia maritima: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology

Pages 1433-1439


Shymaa Ibrahim Ali Abdeldayem; Mohammed Nabil Ahmed Khalil; Enas Hussein Abdelrahman; Hamida Mohamed El-Gohary; Ali Yehia

Optimization of Banana Stem Pulp to Substitute SoftWood Pulp for High Quality Paper

Pages 1461-1469


Mamduh Nassar; Ebrahim Esmail Ebrahim; Hisham Mohamed Sherif; Mohamed Abdallah Ali

Novel Melatonin Derivatives: Synthesis, Anticancer Evaluations and Molecular-Docking Study

Pages 1517-1533


Mahmoud Alsayed; Dina S. El-Kady; mohamed A tantawy; Mervat M. AbdElhalim; Samia R. Elazabawy; Amira E. M. Abdallah; Gamal A Elmegeed

Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and In Silico Investigation of Novel Functionalized Imidazole-Based KDM6 Inhibitors

Pages 1575-1582


Amr Mostafa El-Araby; Omar Magdy Qassem; Ezzat Ashraf El-Sawy; Eman Zaghlol El-Razaz; Khaled Abouzid; Rabah Ahmed Taha Serya

Biofilm Formation by Clinical Acinetobacter baumannii strains and its effect on antibiotic resistance

Pages 1615-1625


Abdulaziz Abdullah Othman Almosa; Ali A. Al-Salamah; Dina A. Maany; Mostafa El-Abd; Abdelnasser S.S. Ibrahim

Determination of 3-MCPD in Some Edible Oils using GC-MS/MS

Pages 1639-1652


Rania I.M. Almoselhy; Mounir M. Eid; Walid Salah Abd El-Baset; AlaaEldean F.A. Aboelhassan