Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 1, January 2021 
Molecular Modeling Analyses and Vibrational Characteristics for Nitromethane

Pages 75-84


Hend A. Ezzat; Hanan Elhaes; Ahmed Refaat; Mohamed S. Abdel-Aal; Medhat A. Ibrahim

Application of Graphene/Nickel Oxide Composite as a Humidity Sensor

Pages 85-91


Ahmed M. Bayoumy; Islam Gomaa; Hanan Elhaes; Mohamed Sleim; Medhat A. Ibrahim

3D-Molecular Modeling, Antibacterial Activity and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Imidazole Derivatives

Pages 93-105


Dhafer S. Zinad; Ahmed Mahal; Abdulqader M. A-Qader; Siswandono Siswodihardjo; Mohammad Rizki Fadhil Pratama; Ranjan Mohapatra

Evaluation of the dynamic mechanical analysis, water absorption and chemical resistance properties of sulfur/epoxy composites

Pages 107-115


Mohammed Eldesouki; Zeinab abo-shanab; Mohammed Mohammedy; Mohamed Elshafie; Mohamed Abo Riya; Sanaa Elkholy

Removal of Basic Dyes from Aqueous Solution Onto H2SO4-modified Rice Husk

Pages 143-155


Ghada M. Mohamed; Wafaa Ezz Eldien Rashwan; Thoria El-Nabarawy; Abdel Naser El-Hendawy

Heterogeneous Acid Catalyzed Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Schiff Bases Derived from Chalcone Derivatives

Pages 193-200


Olayinka Oyewale Ajani; Emmanuel G. Jolayemi; Fisayo Elizabeth Owolabi; Olayinka O. Tolubolaji; Oluwatosin Yemisi Audu

Inhibition of Anabaena sp. and Oscillatoria sp. Using Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria

Pages 201-210


Marwa I. Abd ElTawab; Fagr Abdel Gawad; Ahmed M. Shaban; Samah Bassem; Giulia Guerriero; Hanan A. Goda; Aziz M. Higazy

The Use of Green Spectroscopy for Analysis of Quetiapine

Pages 225-234


Hala Labib; Hytham Ahmed; Yousef Elshamy; Wael Talaat; Tarek Belal

Molecular Imprinted-Polymer as a Controlled Release Material for Tramadol

Pages 253-262


Samir Morsi; Alian N.A.; Naglaa N. Abd-elFatah; Morsi M. Morsi; Nihal Shaker

Natural Antioxidants: Preservation Roles and Mycotoxicological Safety of Food

Pages 285-298


Ahmed N. Badr; Mohamed Youssef; Adel G. Abdel-Razek; Mohamed G. Shehata; Minar M. Hassanien; Hassan Amra

Effect of Air Pollution on the Deterioration of El-Manial Palace and Museum for Greater Conservation of Egyptian Cultural Heritage

Pages 413-423


Asmaa El-Mekawy; abdel-hameed Awad; Alia Shakour; Inas Saleh; Yasser Ibrahium; Nasser abdellatif; Salwa Hassan

Using Composite Nanofibers to Remove Microorganisms from Aqueous Solutions

Pages 495-502


Ahmed K. Suleiman; Omnia I. Aly; Elsayed M. Mahdi; Alaa Mohamed; Gehad G. Mohamed

Retanning agent for chrome tanned leather based on modern technique of emulsion polymers

Pages 503-516


Farouk Abd El-Monem; Ahmed I. Hussen; H. Abd El-Wahab; EL-Shahat H.A. Nashy; A. M. Naser

Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Composite Nanofibers

Pages 525-531


Ahmed K. Suleiman; Omnia I. Aly; Elsayed M. Mahdi; Gehad G. Mohamed; Alaa Mohamed