Microwave-assisted Dyeing of Wool Fabrics with Natural Dyes as Eco- Friendly Dyeing Method: Part I. Dyeing Performance and Fastness Properties

Document Type : Original Article


1 Dyeing, Printing and Auxiliaries Department, Textile Industries Research Division, National Research Centre, Cairo 12622, Egypt

2 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Al Azhar University, Assiut 71524, Egypt

3 Ecology and Range Management Department., Ecology and Dry Lands Agriculture Division, Desert Research Center, 1 Mathal El-Mataria St, 11753 Matariya, Cairo, Egypt


In this study different Mixtures of folk plants (Artemisia monosperma and Phlomis floccose )in different proportions and different concentrations of the mixture are used to obtain new natural dyes and applying them to woolen fabric using microwave radiation and then studying the effect of extraction time and the pH of the dyeing bath on the strength of color and then studying the fastness of these dyes against light and Washing and perspiration

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