Encapsulation of Soy Lecithin Nanoparticles in Gelatin Coating for the Fortification of Gelled Food Products with Phospholipids

Document Type : Original Article


Aroma & Flavor Chemistry Department, Food Industries and Nutrition Division, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.


Phospholipids are category of nutrients that are essential for growth and health maintenance. They are commonly supplied from animal-derived foods. However, plant-derived phospholipids like soy lecithin seems also to be potential alternative because they are well received by different category of population who have concerns about animal-derived foods. The purpose of the current investigation is to formulate gelatin-based matrix bearing soy lecithin as a model of gelled food product fortified with plant-based phospholipids. First an aqueous colloidal system containing lecithin nanoparticles is formulated. The average particle size of lecithin was 79.0 nm and its zeta-potential was -49.0 mV. Then, lecithin nanoparticles were encapsulated in gelatin coating using the layer-by-layer electrostatic deposition method. That led to the formation of gelatin-encapsulated-lecithin nanoparticles which has an average particle size 204.0 nm and a zeta-potential +4.0 mV. Upon cooling that system at 4ºC, a hydrogel bearing lecithin nanoparticles is formed. The whole process was evaluated using different techniques in order to verify the encapsulation of lecithin nanoparticles within the gelatin matrix. The physical stability of all formulations before and after encapsulation was monitored during and after storage for 3 months. The concept of this investigation can be useful for fortification of some gelatin-based food products with plant-based phospholipids, which can be used as a dietary supplement for health maintenance and promotion among different populations.


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