Main Subjects = Biochemistry
Developing Biodegradable Polymeric Composite for Nails Manufacturing of Bone Fracture Fixation

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 349-359


Ahmed Mohamed Yousry; Hassan M. M. Mustafa; Wael Abdelmoez; Mohamed Tarek El-Wakad; Mohamed S. Abdo

The Effect of Temperature, Time, and Methanol Concentration on Enhancing the Yield of Biodiesel Production of Castor and Rapeseed Seeds via the Transesterification Process

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 371-377


Hassan M. M. Mustafa; M. Yasser Abdelsadak; Zeyad .A. Gouda; M Magdy Mokhtar; Ahmed Mostafa M.; Mohamed A. Ghareb; Adham Hossam E.; Omar Mohamed S.; R. M. Mohamed; Sherihan El-Hadidy

Egyptian “Ful Medames” Mitigates Metabolic Syndrome-Associated Inflammation through Regulation of Resistin, Leptin and Adipokine mRNA Expression in Wistar Rats

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 403-420


Maha Hanafy Mahmoud; Mona Mohamed Taha; Marwa Farahat Mohamed Abd El-Rahman; Kawkab . A Ahmed; Fawzi Amin El-Shobaki; Marwa Hanafy Mahmoud

The Impact of The Non-Polar Extract from Cyperus Rotundus Tubers on The Rats' Hepatotoxicity Induced by Alpha-Cypermethrin

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 599-607


Amr S. Al-Al-kashef; Alaa A. Gaafar; Eman A. Ibrahim; Mohamed U. Nooman; Mona A. El- Bana; Jihan Hussein

The Expression Profile of MicroRNA LET-7a-5p in Children with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Volume 67, Issue 9, September 2024, Pages 65-75


Mayada Eltarouty; Mohamed Ali Eldesoky; Fatma Baioumy Rashidi; Safa Matbouly; Nashwa El-Khazargy

Potential anti-obesity impact of green seaweed; Enteromorpha intestinalis

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 293-302


Ahmed E. Elshehry; Sally Salah; Hanan M. L. El Gamal; Asmaa Mohamed Abdel-Tawab

Artemisia Annua Response to Different Applications of Banana Peel Nanoparticles

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 303-315


Mai El Sayed; Mai Raslan; Badr-eldin Hamed; Asmaa S. Hammouda

Biochemical investigation on symbiotic products of soybean Okara in milk processing

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 367-373


Aya F ELkheshen; Osama M. Abdel-Fatah Osama M. Abdel-Fatah; ahmed emam; Emam Abdel-Mobdy; Dr. Asmaa Ahmed Salem; Amr Nassrallah

The Effects of Intermittent Fasting as a Diet Regime on Obese Rats.

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 375-385


Dina Saad Abou Bakr; Maysa Mohamed El-Malah; Hany Gaber El-Masry

Enhanced Anticancer Efficacy of Noscapine-Loaded Lipid Nanocapsules: In-vitro and In-vivo Evaluation.

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 409-422


Nadeen Diaa Abdel-Wahab; Mohamed Fawzi Kabil; Ibrahim M. El-sherbiny; Mohamed F. Salama; Gehad El-Sayed; El-Said El-Sherbini

In Vitro Assessment of a Natural Monoterpene as an Antiviral Compound against Low Pathogenic Human Coronavirus 229E

Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 537-545


Heba A. Dahdooh; Mohamed S. Taha; Sahar Abd Al-Daim; Nehal I. Ahmed; Abdou K. Allayeh

Isolation and Characterization of Some Haloalkaliphilic Fungi from Egypt

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 251-262


Noura I. Farouk; Asmaa Elhosainy; shadia Sabry; Magda A. El-Meleigy

Enhancement of Eco-Friendly Ultrasound Process on the Microbiological Quality of Stevia, Mint and Lemon Extracts Stored At Refrigerator Temperature for Four Weeks

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 413-420


Shaaban Mostafa Abdel-Fattah; Wafaa A. Ibrahim; Atef A. Abou-Zaid; Abdelaziz N. Shehata; mostafa T. Ramadan; Yehia Hassan Abou-Sree; Hesham Amin Eissa

Anti-inflammatory Activity of Pseudobombax ellipticum (Kunth) Dugand Leaves on Complete Freund's Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 451-458


Ahmed S. Mohamed; Rabab H. Sayed; Ali M. El Shamy; Fatma S. El Sakhawy; Rania A. El Gedaily

Antibacterial Activity of Polysaccharide Bacillus Subtilis and Leuconostoc Mesenteroides under Submerged Fermentation

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 469-484


Engy Elia Baheeg; Mona Mansour Oraby; Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb; Shimaa Abdel Raouf Amin

UHPLC/ ESI-Q-TOF-HRMS Analysis for Identification of Collagen Hydrolysates Produced from White Shavings by Locally Isolated Bacterial Strains

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 497-511


Hamed Elsayed; Mohamed Marzouk; Abdel-Mohsen S. Ismail; Mostafa A. El-Abd; ِAmira A. H.; Mohamed I. A; Nabil H. El-Sayed

Biochemical and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Marine Algae Sargassum Wightii and Gracilaria Edulis Extracts

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 525-534


shaimaa mostafa; Gamal El-Baroty; Hanaa H. Abd El Baky; Hany Aziz Fahmy; Radwan Farag