Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 2, February 2020 
Biosilica Properties from Rice Husk using Various HCl Concentrations and Frequency Sources

Pages 363-371


Irzaman Irzaman; Indah Dwi Cahyani; Aminullah Aminullah; Akhiruddin Maddu; Brian Yuliarto; Ulfah Siregar

Metallopharmaceutical complexes based on vanadium as potential anti-hyperglycemic agents

Pages 389-404


Ramy Mohamed Abd Elaziz; Abdu Saad El Tabl; Mohamed Mohey Elmazar; Moshira Abd Elwahed

Sustainable solutions for urban wastewater management and remediation

Pages 405-415


Enas M. Abou-Taleb; Mohammed Eid M. Ali; Mohamed S. Hellal; Kholod H. Kamal; Shimaa M. Abdel Moniem; Nabila S. Ammar; Hanan S. Ibrahim

Chitosan/TiO2 nanocomposites: Effect of microwave heating and solution mixing techniques on physical properties

Pages 449-460


Labiba I. Hussein; Abdaleem H. Abdaleem; Mohamed S. A. Darwish; Moataz A. Elsawy; Mohamed H. Mostafa

Production of zirconia materials from zircon for dye removal from wastewater

Pages 515-523


Mohammed Eid M. Ali; Shimaa M. Abdel Moniem; Hanan S. Ibrahim; Nabila S. Ammar; Heba K. El-Kholly; M.H. Helal; Ahmed G. El-Deen; M.K. Zahran

Synthesis and Physicomechanical Studies of Nano ZnO Coated Textile fabrics

Pages 625-631


Soha Abd Alhalim; Mostafa Mabrouk; Sayed Kanawy Ibrahim; Nermin H. Hamdy; abdelrahim ramadan