Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 6, June 2020 
Effect of Tween 20 as Plasticizer on Cinnamyl Chitosan Membranes: Preparation, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation

Pages 1989-1998


Maysa M Sabet; Tamer M Tamer; Ahmed M Omer; W. M Salem; Mohamed A Hassan; Marwa H Gouda; Mohamed Mohyeldin

Structural and Vibrational Properties of ZnSe Nanostructures: A DFT/TDDFT Study

Pages 2009-2018


Hussein Abed; Mohammed Alsultani; Muder Abdulsattar; Hayder Abduljalil

Brine Treatment by Solar Energy: Case Study in Tor-Sinai - Egypt

Pages 2037-2049


Marwa Shalaby; Hassan Shaarawy Abdalla; ahmed shaban; Heba Abdallah Mohamed; Wael Abbas Mohamed

Removal of Some Chemical Residues in the Effluents of Pharmaceutical Industries Using Magnetic Charcoal

Pages 2097-2110


Eslam Mohamed Tawfik; Alaa S Amin; Adel Z El-Sonbati; Mostafa Diab; Mahmoud S Ibrahim

Bioremediation of Hexavalent Chromium Widely Discharged in Leather Tanning Effluents

Pages 2201-2212


Ahmed Abo Elazm; sahar zaki; Wafaa Mohamed Abd El-Rahim; merit rostom; A.T. Sabbor; Hassan Moawad; M.Z. Sedik

Synthesis of 2-Alkylbenzimidazole Moiety as a Novel Antioxidant and Its Effect on Physico-mechanical and Electrical Properties of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber

Pages 2235-2248


Ayman Mohammed Mohammed; Emad Saad Shafik; Ahmed Ismael Hussein; Hamed Ahmed Derbala; Ahmed Kamel Elziaty; Galal Abd El-megid Elsayed

Synthesis of Dibenzofuran Derivatives Possessing Anticancer Activities: A Review

Pages 2355-2367


Gaber Osman Mohamed Moustafa; Asma S. Al-Wasidi; Ahmed M. Naglah; Moamen Refat

Effect of Punicalagin as Natural Antioxidant on The Oxidative Stability of Canola Oil during Storage

Pages 2369-2378


Hadeil Muhanna Alsufiani; Rasha A. Mansouri; Arwa Ahmed Almalki; Amjad Sagar Alsolami; Lujain Waleed Kuddah; Raghad O. Yamani; Nourah Mohammed Alghashmari; Ulfat m. omar

Evaluation of Phthalate Levels in Toys in Egyptian Market

Pages 2395-2403


Mohsen Zareh; M. I. Abd El-Rahim; A.F. El-Farargy; Mohamed Gouda