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Spatial distribution and contamination of specific heavy metals in the sediment of Bahr Mouse, Egypt.

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 June 2024


Hamdy Nour; Fatma Ramadan; Nermin Abdel Wahed; Ahmed Rakha

Rare Earth Elements in Nile sediments at Luxor and Aswan Districts: geochemistry, enrichment and environmental impact

Volume 67, Issue 6, June 2024, Pages 317-326


Esmat A. Abou El-Anwar; Salman A. Salman; Elmontser M. Seleem; Ahmed S. Asmoay; Zeinab L. Belal

Study of the Existence of some Pharmaceutical Residue and the Associated Human Risks

Volume 67, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 527-540


Gamila R. Mahmoud; Ali M. Abdullah; Hossam F. Nassar

Egyptian Coniferous Plants: Pinus canariensis, Cupressus lusitanica, and Cupressus arizonica: Phytochemical Review, Biological Potentials, and Future Prospects

Volume 67, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 541-561


Rania Mohamed Kamal; Manal Mahmoud Sabry; Inas youssef Younis; Ali mahmoud El-Halawany; Mohamed saeed Hifnawy

Low Cost Ceramic Product Based on Mixing Granodiorite and Talc from Eastern Desert, Egypt.

Volume 64, Issue 3, March 2021, Pages 1323-1331


Said Hassan Abd El Rahim; Nahla I. Abd El Ghaffar; Zeinab A. Abd El-Shakour; Esmat M A Hamzawy

A two years study of dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (dl-PCBs) in mother's milk in Qalyubia governorate, Egypt.

Volume 64, Issue 2, February 2021, Pages 573-579


Ramy Abd-elkhalik; Ashraf Sami; Mohamed Abd-elmootaal; Sherif Taha; moustafa moustafa; Gamal El-Sayed

Estimation and validation of a clear sky hourly global solar radiation in Beni-Suef, Egypt

Volume 63, Issue 11, November 2020, Pages 4483-4491


Hamdy El Ghetany; Islam Taha Zedan; Ahmed Moustafa; AYA Gamal AbedElhakaim

Sequential Extraction of Some Heavy Metals in Southwest Giza Soil, Egypt

Volume 61, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 785-797


Salman A. Salman; Elsayed M Abu El Ella; Ahmed Abdefattah Elnazer