Wastewater Treatment in Bani-Siouf Governorate using Membrane Bioreactor in Compare with the Conventional Treatment

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1 Environmental Science and Industrial Development, Faculty of postgraduate studies for Advanced Science, Beni-Suef University

2 The holding company for water and waste water, Cairo,Egypt.


The current learn about aimed to fortify the waste cure in Tazment waste remedy plant, Bani-Siouf Governorate in north of administrative division. The learn about is investigated the efficiency of the Tazment plant and beautify the cure by means of chemical exercise so as to scale again and beautify the elimination of TSS, BOD, COD and moreover investigate the overall performance of a bench-scale submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR). The bench-scale plant used to be positioned inside the waste therapy plant of city of Bani-Siouf and additionally the find out about was once administrated inside the quantity of Dec. 2020 to might. 2021. The physical, chemical and organic traits day by day monitored. The outcomes confirmed the CT effluent water didn`t comply with the Egyptian law due to the fact of the amazing of anatomy, COD, ammonia, TBC, TC and FC, values than the permissible restriction in Egypt. The air pollution index of the dealt with waste inside the plant was once 704 in average, whereas the PI of effluent of MBR used to be 84.07 in average.


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