Volume & Issue: Volume 61, Issue 1, January and February 2018 
Carbon Nanotubes as Superior Sorbent for Removal of Phenol from Industrial Waste Water

Pages 75-84


Carmen Elshafiee; Mohamed Abdel-salam; Sayed Moalla; Hager Ali; Doaa Osman; Renee Abdalla; Yasser Moustafa

Highly Sensitive Eu3+ Doped in Sol-Gel Matrix Optical Sensor for The Assessment of Ciprofloxacin in Different Real Samples

Pages 121-129


Mohamed Said Attia; A. O. Youssef; Ahmed Mohamed Ismael; Ramy Gaafar; Asmaa Adel; Ahmed Twfik; Ahmed Wafaey; Hesham Gamal El-Din Afify; Ahmed Sayed Abozaid

Application of Some Physical Techniques for Forensic Discrimination of Printer Toner

Pages 131-142


Samia Ibrahim Shraa; Yasser Mohamed Moustafa; Al-Sayed Aly Bakr; Abdel Aleem Solyman Abo Elmagd; Ibrahim Mohamed Abd El-Aziz

Up-grading of Locally Produced Metallurgical Grade Silicon (MG-Si)

Pages 155-161


Heba Hussein Ali; Mohamed Hussein El-Sadek; Mohamed Morsi; Kamilia El-Barawy; Rabab Abou-Shahba