Main Subjects = Inorganic chemistry
Manganese, Cobalt, and Cadmium Complexes of Quinazoline Schiff Base Ligand and Methionine: Synthesis, Characterization, DFT, Docking studies and biomedical application

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 14 March 2024


M.S.A. Mansour; Abeer Taha Ibrahium; Walaa H. Mahmoud; Ahmed A. El-Sherif

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Novel Fluorescent quinolinyl hydrazone for Latent Fingerprint and Anticounterfeiting Applications

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 02 May 2024


E. Rashad; R. Fouad; Aya S. Mahmoud; Magdy Shebl; Ebtesam M. Abdelrhman; M. Saif; H. Hassan

Tinuvin-P Metal Complexes as New Photo-Stabilizers for PVC: Synthesis, Characterization and DFT Studies

Volume 67, Issue 7, July 2024, Pages 127-139


Mohamed A. El Awady; Mostafa M.H. Khalil; Gehad G. Mohamed; Abdel Naby M. Salem

Rare Earth Elements in Nile sediments at Luxor and Aswan Districts: geochemistry, enrichment and environmental impact

Volume 67, Issue 6, June 2024, Pages 317-326


Esmat A. Abou El-Anwar; Salman A. Salman; Elmontser M. Seleem; Ahmed S. Asmoay; Zeinab L. Belal

Highly Conductive N-type Aluminum Dopped Zinc Oxide for CZTS Kieserite Solar Cell

Volume 67, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 309-313


Laila Saad Hamam; Moshera Samy Abdelaziz Youssef; Enas Ahmed

Production of polyvinyl alcohol/natural hydroxyapatite/magnesia/silicon carbide hybrid composites for use in orthopedic applications: Optical, electrical, and mechanical propertie

Volume 67, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 411-422


Dalia E. Abulyazied; Asma M. Alturki; Ayshah S. Alatawi; R. Bousbih; R. Alamlah; H. M. Abomostafa; G. M. El komy; Mohammed A. Taha; Rasha A. Youness

Preparation and Characterization of Nanocomposite Forward Osmosis Membranes for Water Desalination

Volume 67, Issue 3, March 2024, Pages 127-138


Fatma Mohamed El-Sayed; M. Abo El-Fadl; M. M. Abo Aly; Heba Isawi; Mohamed, E.A. Ali

Development and Evaluation of Pectin extracted from Citrus sinensis peel and micro/nanocellulose from the solid fraction of citrus wastes.

Volume 67, Issue 2, February 2024, Pages 615-623


Sara ZA. ZA Mahdy; AS. Amin; Ragab Abouzeid; Islam M. I. Moustafa; Ahmed M. Youssef; El Sayed El Habbasha

Synergetic Effect of Cement Kiln Flue Dust for Enhancing Physicomechanical Properties of Metakaolin-Blended Cement

Volume 66, Issue 13, December 2023, Pages 107-116


Mohamed Gamal Ismail; Mahmoud Gharieb; Mohamed E. Sultan; H A Hammad

Computer modeling, docking, spectroscopic analysis, and antibacterial testing of metal chelates with dioxatetraaza ligand.

Volume 66, Issue 13, December 2023, Pages 1915-1925


Ehab M. Zayed; Wael A. El-Sayed; Hayam A. Abd El Salam; Gehad G. Mohamed

Metal Complexes of 1,4-Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl) Piperazine: Thermodynamic and Theoretical Approach

Volume 66, Issue 10, October 2023, Pages 389-401


Mohamed R. Shehata; Mohamed M. Shoukry; Mahmoud A. Mabrouk

Organometallic Ester Compounds as a Promising Source of New Antimicrobial Drugs

Volume 66, Issue 10, October 2023, Pages 443-456


Abdou Saad El Tabl; *, Reham M.W. Faried; Mohammed Hosny Abu-Setta; Ahmed Muhammed Ashour; Nora F.A. El-Afify; Hany A. Batakoushy