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Effectiveness of some Dietary Ergogenic in Enhancing Weightlifter Athletes Performance

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 08 July 2024


Hanem mamdouh Gharib; Yosry A. Abd El-daim; Ihab Salah Ashoush; Ahmed M. Abdel-Salam

Effect of lactic acid and probiotics as growth promoters in Honeybee's nutrition

Volume 66, Issue 5, May 2023, Pages 83-86


mohamed abd alfattah; Yasser Yehia Ibrahim; Gihan el moghazy; moamen madkour

Low Cholesterol Fermented Milk Beverage by Probiotic Bacteria

Volume 65, Issue 12, December 2022, Pages 429-437


Nadia Mohamed Shahein; Nabil Samy Abd-Rabou; Mohamed Tawfeek Fouad

Possible correlation between probiotic activity of bacterial honey isolates and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 replication in vitro

Volume 65, Issue 9, September 2022, Pages 467-476


Asmaa Ezzat; Noura O. Abdelsamad; Amira A. Gamal; Mahmoud Shehata; Sara H. Mahmoud; Ahmed Mostafa; Mohamed A. Ali; Mona A. Esawy

Nano-Exopolysaccharide From The Probiotic Weissella Paramesenteroides MN2C2: Production, Characterization And Anticancer Activity

Volume 64, Issue 12, December 2021, Pages 7123-7133


Mai Amer; Ahmed Eldiwany; Eman Elgammal; Nagwa Amin Atwa; Insaf Dawoud; Ferial M. Rashad