Author = Ehab M. Zayed
Quinazolines Linked to Sugar Derivatives as Nucleoside Analogs, Synthesis and Biological Aspects

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 February 2024


Adel A.-H. Abdel-Rahman; Eman M. El-Ganzoury; Ibrahim F. Zeid; Ehab M. Zayed; Wael A. El-Sayed

Synthesis and Anticancer Activity Evaluation of New 1,2,4-Triazolyl-Quinazoline Hybrid Compounds and Their Pyrazolopyridine Analogs

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 393-402


Adel A.-H. Abdel Rahman; Asmaa Sobhy; Mohamed A. Hawata; Ehab M. Zayed; Hanem M. Awad; Wael A. El-Sayed

Computer modeling, docking, spectroscopic analysis, and antibacterial testing of metal chelates with dioxatetraaza ligand.

Volume 66, Issue 13, December 2023, Pages 1915-1925


Ehab M. Zayed; Wael A. El-Sayed; Hayam A. Abd El Salam; Gehad G. Mohamed