Volume & Issue: Volume 60, Issue 5, October 2017 
Wollastonite Ceramic/CuO Nano-Composite for Cadmium Ions Removal from Waste Water

Pages 817-823


Nabila Ammar; Ahmed Fahmy; Sayed Kanawy Ibrahim; Esmat Mohamed Ali Hamzawy; Mohamed El-Khateeb

The Combined Effect of ACE, TCF7L2, and PPARGC1A Gene Polymorphisms in Diabetic Nephropathy

Pages 869-881


Weaam Gouda; Manal Fouad Ismail; Olfat Gamil Shaker; Esmat Wahba; Heba Mourad Yousif; Mie Afify

Genetic Variants of Interleukin-18 Promoter Gene in Coronary Artery Disease

Pages 883-891


Lamiaa Mageed; Ibrahim H. Borai; Nahla S. Hassan; Olfat G. Shaker; Esmat Ashour; Mohammed El Badrawy; Olfat M. Fawzi

Gatifloxacin assessment by the Enhancement of the Green Emission of Optical Sensor Tb3+ Doped In Sol-Gel Matrix

Pages 929-935


Mohamed Attia; A. Youssef; Ragaa El Sheikh; W. Mahmoud; Ahmed Hefny; M. Esam; A. Saber; I. Atef; A. Ismael; M. Esia